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Your ultimate guide to SMU study tips

Fondren Library Centennial Room Photo credit: fondren library facebook


If you need absolute silence: Bridwell Library

Bridwell has a policy of strict silence. If you’re the student that gets distracted easily, head here for the bulk of your study hours.

Location: Next to Perkins Chapel, Hours: 6 a.m – 11 p.m.

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If you need to go all night: Fondren Library

There’s a reason its nickname is Club Fondy. Fondren Library is open 24/7 during finals, and there’s usually a late-night snack in the library. Because it’s the main library, Fondren typically fills up quickly during finals.

Location: Right of Dallas Hall, Hours: 24/7

DC PRO TIP: The 4th Floor of Fondren is always the last to fill up and it has a panoramic view of Dallas.

If you love natural light: Hamon Arts Library

Sometimes fluorescent lights can be a lot, but Hamon’s massive window panels on every floor let in maximum natural light. If you can find your way through the Meadows maze, Hamon is a hidden gem.

Location: The back of the Owens Arts Center of Meadows, Hours: 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.



Salty snacks: Sugary snacks give you a great buzz but will send you crashing soon after. Salty snacks satisfy that fidgety snack craving without the eventual fall.

DC Recommends: Jerky – the protein in jerky will give you steady, long-term energy.

Oranges: Everyone gets sick during finals, if you aren’t already. Oranges are packed with vitamin C and healthy sugars to give your immune system and your energy a boost.

Caffeine: If you don’t already know, RedBull is a rip-off. Go for 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength. It has 200 mg of caffeine and herbal stimulants with only four calories in just two fl. oz.

Water: When you’re throwing back caffeine, you’re getting seriously dehydrated. Make sure to always keep a full water bottle and remember to drink it!


Postmates: Get delivery from basically anywhere right to Fondren.

Jimmy Johns: Open until 3 a.m., Jimmy Johns will bike over your order in minutes when you need a late-night feast.

GAPCo: Sometimes you just need a huge slice of pizza to get through that final push.


Alternate your caffeine with water. When you’re chugging back energy drinks you’re dehydrating your body. When you’re dehydrated you’re tired and bloated and can’t concentrate. All things you do not want during finals.

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It’s better to sleep a little than not at all. It will help with memory retention which is the whole point right?

If you can’t fall asleep because you have consumed your bodyweight in caffeine, lay on the ground with your feet up on the wall. This pose has been proven to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

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