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My quest to learn the musical instrument struck a chord much greater than the beautiful sound of a perfect stroke.
I decided to learn the guitar, but I walked away learning more about life
Bella Edmondson, Staff Editor • June 19, 2024

‘Survivor,’ ‘The Bachelor’ spawn spinoffs

Reality TV gets more creative, expands on and betters predecessors
‘Survivor,’ ‘The Bachelor’ spawn spinoffs

‘Survivor,’ ‘The Bachelor’ spawn spinoffs

The latest batch of reality shows hit the airwaves last week. The shows explore concepts like the search for love, espionage and, of course, the battle of the sexes.

Five shows stand out as something worth watching or at least taping.

Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” stars average guy Evan Marriott who must choose a bride from 20 candidates.

While it may sound like just another “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire,” there’s a catch.

Although the women think Marriott recently inherited $50 million, the reality is that he’s a construction worker with an annual income of roughly $19,000.

By disclosing the truth at the end of the series, the producers hope to prove once and for all, if the match is love or just for the love of money. Leave it to Fox to take a seemingly tired subject line and spice it up.

An encore presentation of the first two episodes with new footage airs Thursday.

MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes” brings back cast members from all previous Real World and Road Rules seasons to compete male against female.

Jamaica is a beautiful backdrop for a dispute where Puck (San Francisco) spits in David’s (Los Angeles) face, wedding ceremonies, tears and laughter.

The players compete for prizes along their way to achieve the $350,000 grand prize.

Intense arguing results in departures on the first episode. Olympic skier Jonny Mosely hosts.

“The Bachelorette” is another twist on the standard. Pediatric physical therapist Trista Rehn will choose a soul mate from 25 eligible bachelors.

Rehn appeared on the first installment of “The Bachelor,” where Alex Michel almost proposed to her.

Bankers, firefighters and professional athletes are among the bachelor pool. For those who think women are vicious when fighting over a man, wait until you see this group of men fighting over Rehn.

There are also reality-based programs for those TV viewers who find the lives of ordinary people too ordinary.

Another ABC product is “The Mole: Hawaii,” hosted by sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. Contestants include Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Benson and five other celebrities.

The show is average, but previous seasons were more interesting. Determining the mole might be more difficult because almost all of the contestants are actors.

The WB’s “Surreal Life” is a Real World scenario for B-list celebrities. Unlike its MTV predecessors, the cast only has to live together for ten days.

Cast notables include rapper MC Hammer, Emmanuel Lewis from TV’s Webster and Corey Feldman. The first episode wasn’t that exciting, but scenes from future episodes show potential.

“High School Reunion,” also from the WB, is set in Maui. The show reunites the Illinois Oak Park and River Forest High School class of 1992.

The nerd, gossip, bully and many more are back to settle old scores, act on old crushes and transform themselves.

The most interesting aspect of the show is the “hall passes.” If a cast member gets one they can ask anyone on a date.

Apparently at the end of the season there’s a marriage proposal.

Those wishing to cling to high schools should tune in.

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