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Fry Street Fair takes over Deep Ellum clubs, streets

Summer is still months away and already the first of the yearlymusic festivals is upon us. The Fry Street Fair will be taking overDeep Ellum clubs and surrounding streets all day Saturday.

The Fair, named after its previous location on the well-knownstreet in Denton, has been a host to numerous local bands for manyyears.

Put on by Denton’s independent fraternity/sorority theDelta Lodge, the Fry Street Fair has usually been synonymous withunadulterated fun and college-style debauchery. Unfortunately,costs and conflicts with the city of Denton — allegedlyregarding security at the fair — have forced the Delta Lodgeto move its yearly music extravaganza away from the Little D andinto Big D.

Contrary to past years, you will probably not stumble uponthrongs of inebriated UNT freshmen or walk through thick clouds ofodd smelling smoke, some of the most prominent features of the fairin its Denton years.

But rest assured, Dallas is trying its best in its second yearto host the Fry Street Fair to bring the fun without the chaos bybooking some of Dallas’ premiere bands at a very lowcost.

For $15, fair goers will be able to watch 12 hours of music fromall genres.

Some bands that are not to miss are self proclaimedmulti-dimensional movement of persuasive percussion and melodicmood manipulation (i.e.: hippie collective) Spoonfed Tribe, who areplaying at 2:35 p.m. on the Main Stage, located in the middle ofDeep Ellum.

DV8, a group of three pre-pubescent boys who rock much harderthan Hanson ever dreamed of during the mid-90’s are playingat 4 p.m. at Club Indigo, and are worth seeing.

At 5:45 p.m., music fans have the choice of either heading tothe Trees Stage to witness old school rockers Budapest One, whohave just added two fantastic female backup singers to their band,or Slick 57, an entertaining rockabilly/pop ensemble, at theCurtain Club Stage.

Other notable bands include The Vanished, whose song”Favorite Scar” has been on heavy rotation on localradio and is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days, who areplaying at 9:15 p.m. on the Main Stage.

Two bands are making the trip down to Dallas to representDenton, and will surely do so very well.

Newcomers Record Hop have the whole city buzzing and are playingthe Curtain Club Stage at 9:45 p.m., and The Angelus, who areplaying at the Liquid Lounge at midnight.

Of course, when setting out to see the best of Dallas, onecannot forget Pleasant Grove, and old favorites Chomsky and[DARYL], as well as Ohno, who are all playing at the end of theevening and should not be missed at any cost.

The Fry Street Fair is sure to impress those who are willing tobrave the heat, the crowds and the rock ‘n roll.

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