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SMU by the numbers: spring 2017 edition

SMU by the numbers: spring 2017 edition


The Daily Campus contributors submit an ‘SMU by the numbers’ piece every semester. These are the numbers gathered in this semester’s edition.

2,599: The number of points scored by the 2016-2017 SMU men’s basketball team (team statistics)

100: The approximate number of packages the SMU mail center receives every day in April (SMU mail and copy center)

5: The number of vendors at Snider Plaza that take Pony dollars (Pony Facts)

1: The ranking SMU Guildhall received for best graduate game design program in the world by the Princeton Review (SMU News & Information)

120: The number of Jimmy Johns sandwiches delivered to SMU’s campus on an average weekend night (Jimmy Johns)

1: The number of Kardashians that attended SMU (Ranker)

4: The number of semesters that Kourtney Kardashian attended SMU (Wikipedia)

18: The number of inactive, closed or silent Greek chapters at SMU (SMU Greek Conduct Status)

1: The number of U.S. presidents who joined the SMU Mob Hint: it was George W. Bush (Twitter)

17,200: The number of views the most watched SMU-TV video has ever received on Vimeo

22: The number of laundry rooms in underclassmen dorms (Residence Life & Student Housing)

2,684: The number of underclassmen residents in the dorms (Residence Life & Student Housing)

$10,535: The total housing cost for a year per student living in a double room (Room Rates)

$27,896,680: The total cost in housing SMU charged underclassmen living on campus in 2016-17 (Room Rates)

26: The percentage of tenured professors at SMU that are female (SMU 2016 Trends)

22,200: The number of tweets @SMU has sent out as of April 3, 2017 (SMU Twitter)

1: The number of Gilmore Girls who attended and graduated from SMU (SMU Magazine)

232: The number of acres that SMU maintains on its main campus (SMU FACTS)

4: The number of LEED-certified acres that are irrigated with reclaimed water. (SMU FACTS)

1: The number of Green Star Awards SMU has received for quality ground maintenance. (SMU FACTS)

6: The number of pop-up Block Party Suites Cox sponsors for each Boulevard

149,193: The total number of people attending the six SMU home football games this year

11: The number of cream cheeses at Einstein Bros. Bagels in Cox

385: The total number of tenured professors at SMU in 2016 (SMU Faculty Tenure)

32: The height in feet of the scoreboard at the Gerald J. Ford Football Stadium (SMU Mustangs)

770,590: The number of ballots cast in Dallas County in the Nov. 8 presidential election (Dallas County Elections Department)

$70,008: The estimated cost to attend SMU for the 2017-18 school year (SMU Undergraduate Admissions)

$124,958,733: The amount of money available to SMU undergraduates in scholarships and grants (SMU Undergraduate Admissions)

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