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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

The Panhellenic House

This special place on the SMU campus is home to many girls in many different sororities. The girls in the active sororities make up more than 21% of the female student population. Any sorority women are allowed to live in the one true treasure on the sorority row– the Panhellenic house– providing a unique experience for those who live here.

Ms. Markey, the beloved house director states, “They have good memories here. They make friends that they normally would not have made- so their roommate or the girl across the hall in a different sorority.”

“I have girls come back every single senior year and come back and tell me that this was their favorite year,” Markey says.

The girls currently living in the house agree with Markey. Their experience although short lived has already created an impact on their SMU experiences. This is reassured through Chi Omega Student Ali Bedell

“One of the girls had to have surgery last week and all of the girls in the entire house definitely came together. So if anyone is sick or having a rough week or anything or having a good week we all kind of just come together and support each other,” Bedell says.

One of her Delta Gamma friends, Kayla Keck, agrees that is has created a one of a kind bond.

“I don’t think different sororities get in the way. Everyone hangs out with everyone which I think is really special everybody is friends,” Keck states.

A Chi Omega friend Anna Napolitan says, “There is no one who lives here that I don’t think I could knock on her or and come in and ask them if I needed something.”

One this is for sure, as well as creating a comradery between the sororities, there is something even more special about 3100 Daniel avenue.

Pi Beta Phi resident, Alyce Hammer, gives an insight into the Panhellenic house sisterhood.

“I wanted to be surrounded by a community of girls that knew I would be great, strong, intelligent girls,” Hammer says.

In 2018 being able to call someone your sister means more than just wearing the same sorority letters. It represents different women from all over the who have worn those same letters and have accomplished great things. They set the path and create endless opportunity.

“Being a sorority woman at this time is really empowering because you get to see a lot of really capable women all around you who are achieving really great things and have a really nice balance in their lives,” Napolitan says.

“ When freshman are thinking about where to live next year, don’t overlook the special sisterhood of the Panhellenic house has to offer. If being involved in Greek life is something you are interested in just remember Ms. Markey’s famous last words.

“You can find friends in every sorority, you can always make friends. If you go in whichever direction you are more comfortable you will find a place.”

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