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Could Dallas get the new Amazon headquarters?

Image by Drumguy8800, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Photo credit: Drumguy8800

Dallas may not be able to support Amazon’s infrastructure, even if the city managed to earn Amazon’s vote.

This week, Amazon pulled out of its New York City headquarter plans this week after backlash from lawmakers and unions after they agreed the government had too much incentive on the Amazon’s technology. The backlash from lawmakers and unions came about because the state offered $1.7 billion of tax incentives.

Amazon hosted open bidding for its second headquarters last year. Dallas initially participated in bidding for the second headquarters, and incentives to come here climbed high: as much as $20 billion dollars. At the end of the process, New York City’s Queens and northern Virginia was set to split the second headquarters for Amazon.

There is concern Dallas could not support the headquarters even if the opportunity arose.

“Dallas would be a good location for it ’cause it’s in the middle of the country, and really accessible to the international airport, and a lot of employees,” SMU Professor Lauren Smart said. “But it would be really hard for Dallas to support it, its infrastructure is a huge campus and it would complicate downtown and would change traffic patterns.”

New York City lost 25,000 jobs when Amazon pulled out. Could Dallas gain those jobs? Amazon has not yet reopened bidding, but Dallas is potentially ready to bid again to for Amazon’s HQ2.

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