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3 Ways Technology Can Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Call Center


As a business owner, customer satisfaction is always in the front of your mind, and as new technology becomes available, you have the chance to make your customers happier than ever.

One of the best ways to increase your customer’s satisfaction is to utilize a call center, but not all call centers can best meet customers’ needs. Here are three ways technology can improve customer satisfaction in the call center.

Omnichannel communications

Web based call center software has the ability to provide omnichannel communications for your customers. What does that mean? It means your clients can contact the call center in a variety of ways. They can make phone calls or video calls, send emails, engage in a live web chat, or even send a text message.

On average, people spend four hours a day on their smartphones. By providing the ability to contact the call center many different ways, you’re increasing the chances that these smartphone users will reach out to have their problems fixed.

In addition to the different methods of communication, users can also transition between methods. This means that someone call start by sending a text message and then transition to a phone call if they find that their texting fingers are tired. This is extremely convenient for users and they’ll be much more likely to make initial contact, because they know they can transition to an alternate method of communication if the need arises.

Artificial intelligence

Many call centers can only answer as many calls as their representatives can take. This leads to extended wait times for callers, who often become frustrated and decide not to have their problems addressed at all. This experience with call centers can also discourage customers for attempting to contact other call centers in the future.

With artificial intelligence (AI), your customers can always reach someone. Customers can message an AI chat bot, who can attempt to help them with common problems. Often, the chat bot is all customers will need. But if they find the bot unhelpful, they can easily transition to a live representative.

Interactive voice response (IVR) is another form of AI that allows customers to make a phone call for help without contacting a representative. The caller will press buttons on the keypad or speak the appropriate phrases in order to receive help from the AI.

This means customers can have their problems addressed quickly and efficiently. For the four out of ten young people who get nervous while making phone calls, solving your problem with AI is a great alternative.

Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is the best way to make sure all your customers are satisfied with the outcome of their calls. ACD pairs callers up with the best agent for their problem, and the ACD options are completely customizable for your business.

You might be adamant that callers should be matched with the last agent they interacted with, in which case you would want to utilize smart call routing. ACD can also match up speakers of the same language, which helps your callers feel welcome. Skills-based routing ensures that your callers are matched with the agents whose skills best meet their needs. ACD is the best way to guarantee that customers are satisfied with their experiences.

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to provide your customers with an incredible experience. Your customizable, web-based call center can make sure your clients are happier than ever.

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