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Books for Less: The 10 Best Sites to Buy College Textbooks


A new school year is starting which means you’ve got to start thinking about paying tuition if your financial aid didn‘t cover it all. This is stressful enough without having to add the price of textbooks on top of it. Still, you need textbooks to get through classes so it’s not like you can skip out on them.

What if we told you that you don’t have to settle for the pricy books in your college store. You can find the best sites to buy college textbooks and get amazing deals. To help you start your year off with more money in your pocket, here are a few of these great sites.

1. Chegg

Chegg is one of the most popular places to get textbooks and for good reason. You can rent all of your books and get free shipping when you place your order and when you return them at the end of the semester. Free anything is amazing when you’re in college.

They also have coupons right on their homepage for even further savings. If you want to get rid of your bought textbooks later on then Chegg will buy them from you rather you got them from them or not.

2. Campus Book Rentals

If you’re a little hesitant about renting your books instead of buying them then Campus Book Rentals will put your mind at ease a little. They make it easy for you to search and buy whatever books that you need.

You’ll want to return them in good condition but that doesn’t mean that you can’t highlight important information. Chances are the person who had the book before you did that anyway.

3. Amazon

You can find about anything on Amazon and that includes a wide variety of textbooks. Like most of the companies on this list, you can buy, rent, and sell your textbooks.

As a student, you also qualify for Amazon student. It’s sort of a discount version of Amazon Prime but you’ll still be able to enjoy many of the rewards. All you’ll need to set this up is a student email address.


Buying textbooks can be a process but makes it a lot easier. It has a simple search function that you can use to find what you need. The site has a wide variety of textbooks that are cheaper than you can get anywhere else.

You can rent, buy, and sell your books so you don’t really need to go anywhere else anyway. As a little bonus, if you spend over 25 bucks on textbooks then shipping is free.

5. Better World Books

With Better World Books, you can get the textbooks that you need and help out a good cause at the same time. They take in used books which save them from landfills. They also fund tons of literacy projects all over the world.

Whenever you purchase a book from the site they donate a book to someone who needs it. If all of this wasn’t good enough, their book prices are reasonable too.


Have so many websites to choose from for books that it’s hard to decide? Then you should try out It will allow you to find the cheapest book across multiple providers such as Barns and Noble or Amazon.

The layout makes things pretty simple. It pulls up the books and sites side by side so you can see them all at once and compare.

7. ValoreBooks

Sometimes buying a book new is cheaper than getting it used. Not all the time, but sometimes. If this is the case then Valore will tell you. It pulls up the new and used price of a book so you can compare.

The prices you’ll find on Valore are not too bad either. Type in the book title, the author’s name, or the ISBN number to get started.

8. works a little like You type in the author’s name, a keyword that relates to the book, the book’s name, or the ISBN number to get started. It will pull up prices from retailers everywhere so you can find the best price option.

You’ll have the option to buy, sell, or rent textbooks so, like some of the other options on this list, you can do everything you need to do on one site. If you’re interested you can go here to discover more.

9. has been around since the 90s. You can buy, rent, and sell your textbooks and enjoy some nice savings when you do.

The prices shown on the site are ones after all the discounts have been accounted for so you get an accurate price right there. The only issue with CampusBooks is that any coupons you see are for their site only.


eCampus provides book rentals and has a buyback service. Their prices are decent but you’ll have to spend at least 59 dollars or so before free shipping cuts in.

If you’re getting all your books from this one source you’ll spend that anyway. eCampus also has a nice rewards program that will give you even further savings.

Best Sites to Buy College TextBooks and Save on Your Education

College is expensive enough without having to worry about spending a mint on your college books. Luckily for you, there are ways to make things a bit cheaper. Try out one of these best sites to buy college textbooks to make getting your education less stressful and more affordable.

It’s going to take more than cheaper textbooks to survive college.

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