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10 Awesome Truck Accessories You Should Buy

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If you have a truck or are planning on purchasing a truck, it is crucial that you buy awesome truck accessories!

As a vehicle with a large, open bed in the back, there are numerous fun features that you can have added to a truck. There are also many purposeful pickup truck accessories that you purchase.

To ensure that you get the most out of your truck, we are going to tell you all about the top 10 truck accessories that you need to buy.

Get ready to have the best truck in town!

1. Storage

One great thing about having a truck with a bed is having a place to store many of your random items. If you find a way to create even more car storage on top of the one you already have in the bed of your truck, you will always have room to hold both your emergency car equipment and your personal items. One way to add storage to your pick-up truck is to have a Du-Ha Under Seat Storage.

A DU-Ha Under Seat Storage is a container that you can insert underneath your car’s chairs. These under-seat storage containers come in a variety of lengths and sizes. Most Du-Ha Under Seat Storage containers are big enough to hold anything from guns and power tools to ropes, straps, and jumper cables. Du-Ha Under Seat Storage containers are also very safe, secure, and easy to install.

You can even have your Du-Ha storage containers match the interior of your car so that it blends in. Without a doubt, the Du-Ha Under Seat Storage container is one of the best truck accessories out there.

Another great way to create added storage to your truck is to have an Undercover Swing Case Storage Box. This useful truck accessory is a literal storage box that you attach to the side of the bed of your truck.

The Undercover Swing Case Storage Box is a literal box that opens up to hold storage. With the release of a truck’s bed’s backend, the Undercover Swing Case Storage Box can slide out. This form of truck storage is once again one of the current must-have truck accessories.

2. Covers

Many people utilize covers to literally cover up their vehicles when there is bad weather. This is especially true when you have a pick-up truck with an open bed filled with important items.

Another word for an open area in a truck or car is a tonneau. Thus, one can use the term tonneau to describe truck bed covers. A tonneau cover is a perfect way to protect everything you have in the bed of your car. This is especially true since tonneau covers have a watertight shield.

Other covers that you can use to protect your car from the environment include dog seat covers. Dog seat covers are placed on the interior seats of a truck or car to protect the car from dog fur.

3. Running Boards/Bed Steps

Running boards are literally long board like objects that are attached to the bed of a truck. Running boards make it easier to put things in the bed of a truck. It also makes it easier to physically get in the bed of a truck yourself.

Make sure to attach your running board to the frame of the truck rather than underneath the truck’s body. Doing so will make the running board sturdier.

A bed step is a small bumper step attached to the bottom back edge of a truck. Bed steps act step stools to get in and/or look in the bed of a truck.

4. Toolbox

A toolbox is one of the more typical pickup truck accessories. Toolboxes are just as you would expect. Toolboxes are boxes that hold tools and other items in the bed of a truck. A locking toolbox is a truck toolbox that has a lock on it.

A great material to have your truck toolbox made out of is diamond plate. If you want to ensure that your toolbox stays locked up when not in use, be advanced and purchase a toolbox with a lock that can connect with a smartphone app. That way you can unlock your truck’s toolbox through your phone.

5. Lights

Having lights installed in the bed of your truck is great when you are working on your truck at night. Most trucks come with a high-mounted central cab light overlooking the bed of a truck.

On top of having this truck cab light, you can also add LED light systems to your truck. LED light systems will help make your truck (in particular the bed of your truck) stand out when you are using it at nighttime.

6. Tow Hitch

A tow hitch is a device attached to the back end of a vehicle to make it easier to attach towing devices to. Tow hitches are must-have truck accessories. This is especially true when you are selling your truck.

In fact, there are even special stickers that people can put on their tow hitches to show possible buyers how strong their trucks are. For example, there is an LFPartS’s Yellow smiley face trailer hitch that one can currently buy to show that their truck’s tow hitch is in good condition.

7. Bed Liners

Pick-up truck bed liners are devices that you put in the bed of a truck to prevent the bed of the truck from getting scratches, dings, or dents in it. One great type of truck bed liner is the spray-in bed liner. Spray-in bed liners have great traction, which makes it easier to stand in, clean, and put items in the bed of a truck.

BedTred Ultra system bed liners are also great to use in a truck bed. These bed liners are 4-piece zipped liners that are installed with hooks and loop fasteners.

8. Tailgate Assists

Tailgate assists are stick-like objects that help the tailgate of a truck bed open up gently. Tailgate assists help beds of trucks open up gently by having a spring in it that cushions the tailgate of a truck bed’s fall.

9. Spare Tire

Spare tires are must-have truck accessories. When purchasing a spare tire make sure to get a full-size tire in the same make and model as the other tires that your truck is currently using.

10. Tie Downs

Tie-downs are straps that you put over large items in the bed of a truck to hold them in place. Tie-downs have clamps that clamp to parts of the truck to ensure that the items the tie downs are holding down are secure.

When purchasing tie-downs make sure to buy ones with metal clamps rather than plastic ones. Also, make sure to purchase heavy-duty tie-downs.

What Truck Awesome Truck Accessories Do You Plan on Buying?

Now that you know what some of the most awesome truck accessories are, it is time to pick out the ones that you need most. Some major truck accessories on top of the ones listed here include bed air mattresses, awnings, floor liners, seat and gate defenders, tow straps, backup cameras, and more.

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