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Keep Them Engaged: 3 Qualities of a Compelling, Effective Presentation


Presentations can be incredibly daunting.

Public speaking can be difficult, but rewarding. It can be tough to remember all of your key points with all eyes on you.

When presenting, it is important to keep your cool and make sure that your information is effective and impressive.

Presenting in class can be the best way to prepare for your future. Presentations can go a long way for your career if you make a good impression you can impress those in your community or workplace, including your boss or higher-ups.

All in all, making a good presentation can take you places, and that’s why it is so important to make sure you have the tools to make sure your presentation is the best it can be.

Read on for tips on giving an effective presentation that will get you an A!

What You Say & How You Say It

While amazing content is necessary in order to inform your audience, it is nothing without effective articulation.

An important tip to remember is that you are speaking to the entire room, so even those all the way in the back. When speaking, raise your voice as if you are speaking specifically to them. If not everyone can hear you, you lose a percentage of people you could have impressed with all the hard work of your presentation.

While it is important to be audible, make sure your voice still sounds natural. You don’t want to scream at your audience.

While volume is important, so is clarity. Make sure you’ve rehearsed your presentation out loud multiple times, working out any awkward sounding sentences, and assuring that you are very familiar with your content.

Making your content and energy engaging is vital to a good presentation. Make sure you are able to hold your audience’s attention, using interesting information, and an engaging, energetic tone.

For more tips on speaking during presentations, and for information on how to make a presentation outline, watch this helpful video.

Know Your Audience & Purpose

Your audience has a lot to do with how your presentation should be shaped. Know when humor is appropriate, where you will need to insert additional information about certain topics, and where you need to back your arguments up with facts and additional information.

Making sure you’re aware of your purpose is also important. Make sure you have clearly stated your purpose in your introduction and conclusion, and add any information that supports your purpose in between.

Reliable Technology & Software

Imagine preparing yourself for a huge presentation, putting in tons of hard work and practice, just to have a technological or software issue.

It would not only be embarrassing but disappointing and could lead to some unfortunate repercussions.

Make sure that you are using reliable software, and take time to get acquainted and familiar with it.

Assure your presentation looks and functions its best with this presentations maker.

As with your presentation software, make sure you are also familiar with the technology you will be using the day of the presentation.

Effective Presentation = Success

An effective presentation can do great things for your grades today, and for your career in the future.

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and the more you present, the better and more comfortable you will get.

So go conquer your fears, and remember these tips for your next presentation!

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