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Ian Smith was arrested and is in custody at a Dallas County Jail detention center.
Man in custody, accused of cyberstalking two SMU students
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • April 22, 2024

8 Great Reasons to Buy a Truck This Winter


Pickup trucks are wildly popular in the United States with tens of thousands of units being sold every year. While most people grab a good truck during the spring or summer so they can tow their boats or campers to lakes, believe it or not, winter has actually proven itself to be a key sales period for trucks.

If you’re thinking that you’d like to buy a truck but and unsure if purchasing around the holidays is the time to take the leap, in our opinion, it is.

Not convinced?

Keep reading to see our top eight reasons why buying a truck right now is a move that’s worth making.

1. Year-End Sales

The best prices on just about everything can be found between mid-November and January 1st. Trucks are no exception.

For starters, you have year-end model sales. During these sales, truck lots need to get rid of their current year’s inventory to make way for next year’s newer models.

To do this, dealerships are open to negotiating more and tack on all sorts of lucrative incentives. Beyond year-end model sales, you have holiday sales centered around events like black Friday that can lower prices significantly.

2. Better Snow Maneuverability

If you live in an area that gets pummeled by snow during the winter, driving cars that are not equipped to maintain stability and traction can present inconveniences and safety liabilities.

A good truck is built to handle all terrains which means that it’ll make easy work out of dense snow, particularly if you have your tires chained.

3. Comfortable Cabins

It used to be that trucks were all work and no comfort. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Truck cabins today are among the best in the market, boasting fantastic interiors, exceptional heating capabilities and several other perks that make driving in a truck feel like you’re riding in a luxury vehicle.

Combine that comfort with a truck’s outstanding function and you can see why many call pickups the ultimate all-around vehicle.

4. Camping Made Easy

Winter camping may not be for everyone but for the select few that love waking up in the morning to a fresh pile of snow, there’s nothing like loading up your camping equipment in a truck’s bed and heading out into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re just camping to enjoy the scenery or you’re camping to enjoy the ever-popular waterfowl hunting season that happens around winter, your truck will be ready to go wherever you need it to be.

5. Grabbing Attention

While pickup trucks won’t turn quite as many heads as a yellow Ferrari, you might be surprised by how many stares you get when you’re cruising around in a truck. There’s just something about trucks that are so deeply ingrained in America’s culture that people can’t help but respect one when they see it drive by.

To draw a few extra stares, let your truck show off its stripes by keeping it mud-splashed for a few days after a hard week of work. Nothing says awesome quite like a working vehicle.

6. Help Your Neighbors Out of Pinches

Being a neighborhood hero is easy when you’re armed with a pickup.

If the person living next door has their car trapped in the snow, you can tow it out. If another person in your community needs a vehicle to push a large mound of snow out of their driveway, your truck can get the job done.

Thanks to the pickup truck’s fantastic functionality, when the weather gets bad, it ends up being the perfect tool to help people out of any bind that they’re in. If you’re generous with your truck’s usage, you’re likely to make a lot of friends this winter.

7. Crash Safety

While winter can be one of the most beautiful months of the year, there’s no doubting that it’s also among the most dangerous.

Snow mounds, slick roads, black ice, reduced visibility… Any one of those problems can turn a casual drive into one where you or your passengers could lose their lives.

When you buy a truck and are seated in its cabin, you can be sure that you’ll be able to withstand the effects of an impact a lot better than a compact car could. That increased durability could literally mean the difference between life and death if you end up in a serious collision.

The only unique safety liability that trucks bring is the likelihood of rolling since trucks are high off of the ground. This can be avoided in almost all instances by operating your vehicle correctly.

8. You Can Tackle any Winter Jobs That You Have

For some people, winter is about huddling up indoors, drinking hot cocoa and opening presents. For others, winter is not a time for taking breaks.

If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll be glad to have a truck at your beck and call.

Whether you’re transporting tools, snow or anything in between, when you buy a truck, you’ll be covered all year long.

Buy a Truck Today and Own the Winter Time

Winter brings several pros and cons with it. To more fully enjoy the pros and more effectively do away with drawbacks, we recommend that you buy a truck.

Just about every city has a truck dealership that’s open and looking to drive sales throughout the holidays so pop into your local shop, test drive a pickup that speaks to you and see for yourself what a great truck can do.

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