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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Experience


The college experience is different for every student because every student is different. Every student has different likes, wants, and needs, not to mention majors, passions, and dreams.

With that said, we came up with a blueprint for making the most of your college experience.

Follow these five steps to ensure you get the most out of college.

Take classes outside of your major

At a certain point, you have to pick a major and take classes within that scope. However, you’re allowed to take “electives” and it’s a good idea to take intro classes in topics that interest you outside of your major.

Not only will that help you be a more well-rounded student, but it will help you find yourself, as well as figure out what you truly want to study. It can also lead to you taking a class that’s practical and will help you in the future, no matter what your major is. For example, an entrepreneurial or finance class can go a long way for all students.

Study abroad

There are an endless amount of reasons why students should study abroad, from it looking good on a résumé to making lifelong friends to experiencing a new culture. You can also learn a different language, which, depending on your future job, could lead to an increase in pay.

Studying abroad isn’t only about having fun—it’s about studying at a foreign university, taking in a new culture, exploring a new world, and taking advantage of an opportunity that likely won’t be available after college.

Learn how to budget and save money

Creating a budget and saving money might sound boring, but doing so can teach you a skill that will live on for the rest of your life. It can also allow you to do more things in college as you save for adventures as opposed to blowing your money.

Trust us, this skill will come in handy when you’re out of college, adulting, and crunching the numbers for your bills.

Another important area college students and people in the working world alike have to consider is health insurance, whether it’s health insurance short term or over the course of a year. With the rising cost of premiums, the health insurance waters are becoming tougher to navigate, but you can still find cheaper solutions and save. Short-term health insurance offers major medical benefits in the case of unexpected accidents or illnesses. It’s especially ideal during a transition or gap between insurance or if you’re looking for a solution outside of Obamacare.

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