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Sing Your Heart Out: How to Throw the Ultimate Karaoke Party at Home


Karaoke bars in the United States brought in a revenue of $781 million in 2019. Don’t believe people if they say that karaoke is old hat. Karaoke is alive and well across the country.

Are you looking for karaoke party ideas and tips? Read on, we’ve got you covered.

Set A Theme and Tell all Your Guests

One of the best karaoke party ideas is to give your party a theme. For example, rock n’ roll, the 60s, the 90s, or even music through the ages.

Encourage your guests to dress up to match the theme. This makes fun the focus of your karaoke party. Guests are more likely to stop taking themselves so seriously and get up to belt out a tune if they have on a wig and aviator glasses!

Make sure to wow your guests with some awesome props and decorations to go with your theme. You can also, throw in some trivia questions to add a healthy sense of competition to your karaoke theme party.

Make sure to invite lots of people to attend your karaoke party. That way, if some guests can’t come, you still have lots of attendees who can take turns at the mic.

Have the Right Equipment

The right karaoke gear will make all the difference in how well your party goes.

For starters, you will need a karaoke machine or a karaoke app on your smartphone. The good thing about getting an app is that you can have the lyrics on the screen of your smart TV thanks Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

A mic isn’t necessarily needed in a living room, but it can make your karaoke party feel more legit and fun. If you do decide on having mics, make sure you have at least two.

That way, BFFs and couples can show off their duet skills. Also, a backup mic is handy in case the first malfunctions or falls on the ground and stops working.

Make sure you have a song list ready to go. Download all your favorite songs to keep the karaoke party going for hours! If there’s a particular song you want but can’t find the karaoke version, be sure you know how to remove vocal from a song.

Next, have your sound system ready to go. Portable speakers or a home stereo system are good options.

Fun Lighting for the Party

Have you ever been to a wedding where the lights were on full blast? If so, you likely noticed a vacant dance floor.

A brightly lit room and dancing (or singing) just don’t go well together. The right ambiance will make your guests want to sing.

Soft LED lights are inexpensive and a great solution for your karaoke party. You can also use colorful light displays that sync to your karaoke machine so that the lights pulse in time with the music.

Or, use a light display with multiple patterns so you can control the speed and brightness with the remote control.

Bring Out the Snacks and Drinks

A party isn’t a party without an assortment of snacks and drinks. Make sure to offer your friends some fun things to munch on.

Give Out Prizes

People love to win prizes! You can take your karaoke party to the next level by using prizes to tempt your guests.

You can hand out prizes for best singing, worst singing, best costume and so on. If you don’t want to be the judge, you can have ballot boxes so all the guests can secretly vote for the winner.

Set up a Tripod for Your Party Pics

What’s the point of a great party if you don’t have a ton of fabulous pictures to show for it afterward?

Taking pictures with an unsteady hand in the dark will result in a blurry, dark mess. So instead of that, set up a tripod to get good, clear pictures without a lot of effort.

Be sure to share your picture with friends on social media. That way, next time you host a karaoke party, people will know how awesome it is and will be dying to come!

Do a Pilot Test a Week Beforehand

The last thing you want is a flop at your party due to technical malfunctions. Do a sound check and test all your equipment the week before your big night.

This may seem like overkill but it’s the best way to be sure everything will work according to plan.

Set up the equipment the day before your karaoke party. For good measure, test it all again now that it is in place. Then, don’t fiddle or move anything.

When your guests are due to arrive, turn everything on and have it ready to go.

Get the Ball Rolling

Remember, this is your karaoke party. That means that it will likely fall to you to get the party started.

Start off with a popular song from a few decades ago that people are likely to know. Then, somewhere in the middle of the night pick a contemporary hit that you’re loving right now.

For your final song of the night, choose a song you know best for an epic ending.

Your Karaoke Party is Sure to Be Memorable

Thanks for reading. With these tips, your karaoke party is sure to be a big hit.

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