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5 Astounding Ideas for One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Rings


Whether they’re set on glistening gold or sparkling platinum, white diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings.

But, if you’re restricted by a limited budget or just want something a little different, there are plenty of ideas for one-of-a-kind engagement rings that don’t involve diamonds.

From colored stones to personal details, here are some inspiring diamond ring alternatives for an engagement ring that really stands out.

1. Engraved Band

Most people go for a showy diamond engagement ring and stick to a plain band for their wedding ring. But, if you’ve got your eye on one of these diamond wedding rings then you might want a more understated engagement ring.

Alternative engagement rings can, however, still be full of meaning. One way to mark the moment you got engaged forever is to have the date engraved on the band. But, rather than having it hidden inside the band, etch the date in Roman numerals on the outside so that everyone can see it.

2. Birthstone Ring

Diamond ring alternatives don’t have to mean cubic zirconia. Instead, why not go for something different and opt for an elegant yet colorful precious stone?

Make it more personal by choosing a gem that’s also a birthstone. For example, March birthdays are usually associated with aquamarine, bloodstone, or white jade so there are always a few different options to choose from.

3. Precious Pearl

Few people consider pearls when they think of alternative engagement ring stones. But, if there’s any stone that could rival the classic appeal of a diamond, it’s a pearl.

But that’s not to say that pearls are in any way old-fashioned. In fact, they’ve had a revival in recent years, with modern takes on pearls including ear cuffs, solitaire rings, and pendants.

4. Stacking Ring

Alternative wedding rings can include twisted designs, looped bands, and those that interlock into your engagement ring and any future anniversary or eternity rings.

If you’re going for a stackable wedding ring then a delicate triangular stone is a good option for fitting into an interlocking wedding ring. Alone it will appear subtle and understated, but after your wedding, the full effect will really shine.

5. Geometric Stone

Before you reject all ideas of tradition and go for matching tattoos as a wedding rings alternative, consider how something as simple as a different-shaped stone can create a whole new look.

Cushion cuts and square diamonds can look great on classic engagement rings. But if that’s not your style, a geometric stone is a great alternative option. And, for an even more original look, go for an unusual stone choice, such as an opal or a grey diamond.

Now You Have Some Inspiring Ideas for One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Rings

Many people follow tradition and classic choices when it comes to their wedding jewelry. But, as these ideas show, there are lots of options for one-of-a-kind engagement rings available to those looking for something a little different.

After all, every bride is unique so it stands to reason that your engagement ring should be unique too.

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