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How to Be a Truck Driver: The Ultimate Career Guide


When was the last time you saw a huge truck making its way down the highway or traveling across the country? There is something romantic about the idea of plodding gently across hundreds of miles of open roads with no one but yourself for company.

But this is the reality of becoming a truck driver. It allows you to see the vastness of the country, the great expanse, in ways the great American writers of the nineteenth century experienced.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to be a truck driver

Decide If This is a Job For You

Before you start to begin your training and figure out if this is a career for you. You don’t want to do all the training and then realize you are not suited for the job. Here are some things you can do to figure out if you want to learn to drive a truck and make a career out of it.

Speak to Some Other Drivers

It’s always good to have some friends in the industry, some contacts. It’s good to socialize with like-minded people. And in the future, if something was to go wrong or there was some element of the job that you were unhappy about then you would have some people you could talk to who understood.

But speaking to others who are drivers in the first instance allows you to get a better understanding of the industry and the cons as well as the pros. You could then consider if this is for you.

Consult Your Friends and Family

Remember that it’s important to find out what your friends and family think of your career choice. Becoming a truck driver can involve long hours, even days on the road. If you have a wife and children they might suffer from your long absences. At the same time, they might relish the extra money you bring in.

Remember this is a job that involves spending hours by yourself so your friends and family will also have an insight into whether they think you can cope with it.

Get Some Experience

You cannot just become a truck driver. You need to have some experience of driving trucks first. If you know someone with a truck, see if you can have a go at driving it on private land at a slow pace.

See if any part-time jobs are going to start with. You could even try driving other bigger vehicles, to begin with, such as tractors. Research what kind of experience is necessary for how to become a truck driver. You might also need a DOT physical to prove that you are fit enough to get behind a wheel.

Also remember that although the truck industry has been largely dominated by men, women are now starting to plug the job shortages. If you are a female wanting to become a truck driver you should definitely talk to other female drivers.

How to Be a Truck Driver? Research Your Options

If you want to know how to be a truck driver then the answer is you first need to complete some basic research. You need to establish if you have the attributes needed to become a truck a driver such as spending long hours on your own and if your family and friends approve.

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