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7 Room Decoration Ideas for a More Romantic Bedroom


There comes a time when a messy room with the mattress on the floor doesn’t quite cut it. It’s important to make adjustments here and there and improve your style to fit the needs and preferences of your partner.

We’ve got some romantic room decoration ideas for couples that will improve the style and feel of your bedroom. Hopefully, we can give you a few suggestions that will not only improve the quality of your room but also have an effect that will ripple out into your relationship.

Let’s get started:

7 Great Room Decoration Ideas for Couples

Hopefully, all of these ideas can be useful to you. We’ll try not to be too bold with our suggestions. Instead, we’re going to try and put ideas forward that are subtle but effective at making the mood a little more romantic.

1. Choose a Muted Color Palette

Typically, a romantic environment is one with relatively muted colors. Aim for a color scheme that is monochromatic with slight variations.

For example, the framing around windows should be only a shade or two darker or lighter than the primary color of the room. Tones that are restful can generally double as romantic, so make sure to keep things on the dim side!

2. Make Sure It’s Simple

A cluttered bedroom is a stressful bedroom. Make sure that you don’t pile all of the furniture you can fit into a small space.

Do your best to think out your furniture choices beforehand and select pieces accordingly. The more space, the more room for a calming, romantic environment.

Additionally, try to keep the furniture that you do have low to the ground.

3. Utilize Fixtures

Fixtures like shelving can be hung and displayed in effective places around the room. For example, you can place candles in locations around the room that will provide enough dim lighting to provide a romantic experience.

Adding shelves in specific areas can turn a mediocre experience into a very romantic one.

4. Focus on Linens and Comforters

When you’re using the blankets you had in college and a rag-tag combination of pillowcases and sheets, it can be difficult to curate a romantic evening.

Go out and find a good selection of sheets and comforters that match your room. Subtle variations from the color scheme can be effective, but the goal is to keep the theme of the room muted and relaxing.

So long as your room is tied together with a theme or color palette, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

5. Incorporate Storage

A cluttered room with close laying around can be a distracting reminder of the stress of your life. If you have a bedroom with space to reasonably accommodate all of your books, clothing, knick-knacks, and things in general, you can have easy access to those items without letting them distract you.

A bedroom should be peaceful, clean, and relaxing. You can only be romantic in a space where you can be relaxed, so it’s important to maintain a little order.

6. Get Adjustable Lighting

There are few things more romantic than dimmed lights. Having adjustable lights can make your room a more dynamic space. You can have the lights bright when you’re getting ready, dim them when things get romantic, and turn them all of the way off when it’s time to sleep.

See if there’s a way you can incorporate your lamps and smaller fixtures as well. Smart lighting technology allows you to have a high degree of control these days, and you might even be able to prepare your lighting before you step into your home.

Also, consider exploring some of the modern lighting trends to get ideas about what’s possible these days.

7. Make Sure You’re Both Happy

It’s extremely important to value the opinions of both people as you start planning your bedroom.

If one person dominates the decoration process, your room will only be a reminder of stress and difficulty. It’s essential that you come to decisions together and make choices in a spirit of companionship.

That means taking time to ensure that both parties have things that they need and want. Nightstands, dressers, storage, color choices, linen decisions, and more should all be picked together.

While you can designate a living room or kitchen to just one of the people in a relationship, the bedroom is a crucial room for both parties. Sure, everyone has to use all of the rooms in the house, but we rest, connect, and recharge in the bedroom.

When one person isn’t satisfied with the choices made, it will have a larger effect on the relationship. Whether the person doesn’t enjoy the bedding used or they just don’t feel like it’s their room, friction in bedroom decor will always have an effect.

So, make sure that everybody’s happy. That might mean letting some things go that are important to you if the other person does the same.

Final Note: Mix Things Up

If you happen to hit the nail on the head and create a really romantic bedroom setting, that’s great! Even if you’re happy with how it turns out, don’t rule out the idea of changing things every six months or so.

While a romantic bedroom might have a great effect for the first few months, everything gets stale after a while. This is especially true if you don’t stay on top of cleaning and organizing.

Even if you’re a neat freak, though, re-envision your room with your partner whenever that “new room” feeling starts to fade.

If you have your heart set on a specific design and your partner doesn’t share your enthusiasm, you can use the design change as an opportunity to compromise; they get to choose the decor for one season and you get to pick the next one.

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