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Time for Some New Work! 8 Key Signs That You Should Change Your Career


If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work, it might be time to think about how you can change your career.

Changing jobs can be a monumental event in life, but it’s also a wonderful way to expand your horizons, grow, and learn something new.

If you’re thinking of changing your career, read on for a list of eight signs that indicate it’s time for you to make a switch.

1. Your Interest is Waning

While no job is perfect and exciting all the time, it could be time to change your career if you find that you’re no longer interested in your work. The key to success in any career is to do something you’re passionate about and that you enjoy.

When you come to work, if you feel ambivalent toward your daily tasks, it might be time to consider a move to something new. There will always be days where you’re distracted or thinking about other things but if it becomes the norm, you might want to think about a new job or industry.

2. Feeling Burned Out? Change Your Career

Burning out at work is one of the fastest ways to guarantee you will either quit or lose your job. While some degree of burnout is normal if you’re working on a big project or you’re in the middle of the busy season, everyday burnout is not healthy.

If you find yourself staying late every day or losing sleep over your job, this is a red flag that you’re on the path to burnout. Feelings of burnout can increase your stress levels and affect things like sleep and diet. If there’s any indication that your health is starting to suffer, you may want to look for a new workplace.

3. Your Performance is Slipping

When you first started your job, you probably worked hard to make the boss as happy as possible. Over time, you might notice that your once stellar performance is starting to slip.

If your daily tasks are running behind or you find yourself making a lot more mistakes than normal, this is a common sign that you’re ready to move on. Don’t let yourself or your company suffer if you think your work is starting to be subpar. Ask about a position change, new hours, or start looking for a new career altogether.

4. You Like the Industry, But Not the Job

Maybe you love the field of education, but you’re thinking of these non teaching jobs instead. You don’t have to abandon an entire industry simply because you’re unhappy with your current position.

Take a closer look at the different career opportunities that are available to you within your chosen industry. You might be surprised at the variety of jobs available, and it will give you a chance to stay within the same field while trying something new.

5. You’ve Lost Focus

If it feels like it’s more difficult to focus on your daily tasks, this is a sign that you’re losing interest in your current career. People who enjoy their jobs typically have no problems getting things done quickly and effectively.

Sometimes, you may find yourself daydreaming about a new workplace or a new career. You might also be thinking about other things like what you’re going to make for dinner or that weekend party that’s coming up. If you are losing focus on the task at hand, then it may be time to change your career.

6. You Don’t Feel Appreciated

Sometimes, people simply change careers because they don’t feel as if their employer appreciates their hard work. If you feel like you’re unappreciated, you may want to consider a new job soon.

Talk candidly to your boss about a possible raise or just about your concerns in general. If you still feel like you’re not being heard, it’s time to find a career and an employer that will appreciate your skills and your hard work.

7. It’s a Toxic Work Environment

In some cases, you might start to feel as if you’re entering a toxic work environment every day. Signs of a toxic workplace can include things like a demanding boss, arguing between employees, and a general feeling of being uncomfortable.

The effects of working in a toxic environment can stretch far beyond hating coming into the office every day. This type of workplace can cause serious stress which can reach into your family life and affect your health. Pay attention to your current job and if you start to feel uncomfortable, it could be time to move on.

8. You Complain Constantly

Some people dislike their jobs so much that they complain about it to family and friends. If you notice that you’re always complaining about your job to others, this is a serious sign that you’re in need of a career change.

Not only is complaining unhealthy for you, but it’s also bad for others who are around you. Change your attitude about work by changing your career if things are really as bad as they seem.

Make the Switch

Once you’re aware of the signs, you will feel confident when it’s time to change your career. From feelings of burnout to looking for something new in your industry, there are plenty of red flags that indicate you’re ready for a major change.

Don’t let an unhappy workplace affect your health or stress levels. Ponder these signs and then start making steps toward a new career that will make you happy while being more fulfilling.

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