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Maximize: 7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Dorm Space


If you’re dreading your dorm room, we don’t blame you. Dorm rooms can be notoriously small and dark spaces that, at the end of the semester, are prone to look like an explosion of books and clothes recently occurred.

However, it’s more than possible to create a cozy, functional space for yourself that looks great. Read on for our top seven tips on how to make the most of your dorm space!

1. Loft Your Bed

Lofting, or raising, your bed is one of our top recommendations because it gives you back the most square footage. When you loft your bed high enough, you’ll have room to move your desk underneath your bed, along with a shelf or even a mini-fridge.

Before you raise it, just make sure you’ve measured the amount of space you’ll need between your mattress and the ceiling. You can also learn more about all the benefits of lofts and loft boarding.

2. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

If you have more than a couple of pairs of shoes, you can find they quickly take up much-needed space. They’re also prone to get strewn around the floor after a few days – something your roommates probably won’t appreciate.

Over-the-door shoe organizers get rid of this problem by keeping your shoes organized as well as out of sight. Beyond shoes, you can also use these to organize tools, rolled up t-shirts, socks, and even small umbrellas.

3. Room Dividers

The most daunting part about dorm rooms is probably not the lack of space, but the lack of privacy. Although you may be living with a friend or someone you already know, everyone values their privacy, especially after a long day of tests, studying, or partying.

Room dividers are a great way to create a boundary that clearly marks your space. You can purchase paneled room dividers or privacy screens, but another great option is to use a tiered bookshelf.

Not only does this give you extra storage space, books and other items that need storage act as methods to protect your privacy.

4. Command Hooks

Utilizing your ample wall space is a great way to maximize your space, but that can be hard when you’re renting a space and don’t want to leave marks or holes. Command hooks are great for this – they’re a non-permanent way of mounting everything from artwork to wire racks or even floating shelves.

Just make sure you purchase the right command hook for what you’re planning on hanging or mounting and apply them exactly the way the instructions say.

5. Closet Organizers

Organizing your closet may not be as exciting as purchasing new decor, but this will help you out in the long run. This is because your closet will literally be the only place where you can store your clothes and items you’d prefer to have hidden away, like ironing boards, brooms, and cleaning supplies.

Rod doublers are great ways to hang more clothes without having to cram them all onto one rod. Remember to use space-saving hangers that are able to cluster closer together. There are also cascading hangers that allow you to save even more hanging space, but they’re best to use with light clothing like shirts and blouses.

Lastly, look into hanging some storage drawers or organizers for your towels, toiletries, bed sheets, and more. If you’re an out of sight out of mind type of person, this will enable you to stay organized while also keeping stock of everything you need.

6. Rolling Carts

You’re always going to have odds and ends like books, notebooks, mail, and stationery that just won’t fit on a shelf or in your desk, but you need accessible most of the time. This is when rolling carts come in handy.

Not only do these carts take up a minimal amount of space, but their ability to roll gives you a lot of flexibility if you have space to move it into your closet later, wheel it closer to your desk, or move it out of the way.

There are also may more attractive options than the plastic drawers that you’re probably thinking of. You can find carts in sturdy steel frames that range in color from turquoise to gray.

7. Storage Ottomans

If you have a little more floor space left over, storage ottomans are an attractive way to add storage while also being convenient. Storage ottomans come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste and budget.

Moreover, you’ll have an extra seat in your dorm when you hang out with friends or your dorm mate – or a comfortable way to prop up your legs while you’re lounging in your desk chair.

Attractive and Functional Dorm Space

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that you don’t need to dread living in a dorm. With some preparation, you can create a private, comfortable, and organized space that you’re happy to come home to.

Remember that living with another person always comes with challenges. However, if you’re both respectful of your space and boundaries, you’ll find that your semester will go by smoothly and successfully.

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