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Gettin’ real with the ‘Real World’

Las Vegas cast balances work and play by blurring the line between the two
 Gettin real with the Real World
Gettin’ real with the ‘Real World’

Gettin’ real with the ‘Real World’

MTV’s audience has seen real people stop being polite and start getting real for the past 12 years.

This fall, seven strangers were picked to live in a make-shift house on the 28th floor of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas for the “Real World’s” 12th season.

Plenty of cigarettes and booze are present in each episode – they are in Sin City after all.

Here’s a look at each of the roommates.

Alton, 22, from San Diego was a Navy brat, growing up. So far on the show he had a pregnancy scare from an ex-girlfriend.

He has also talked about his fears that he might appear gay on the show.

Arissa, 22, from Boston, has been the center of conflict already.

She and Frank are mirror images of Coral and Mike from Season 10 in New York. She can be sweet, but equally bossy, especially during their fashion show at Rain.

She has formed a bond with Irulan, who shares a similar background with Arissa.

Brynn, 21, from Portland, is the party girl of the bunch. Last week she almost became the Ruthie of the house (of Real World Hawaii fame). She was one step away from getting kicked off the show by fellow roommate Steven for throwing a fork at him.

Steven wanted to make it clear that violence in the house wouldn’t be allowed.

Frank, 22, from Lewisburg, Penn., is a very talkative small town boy that unintentionally makes racist comments. In the beginning of the show he had a crush on Trishelle, but has now definitely proven to be the mild one in the bunch.

Irulan, 21, from the Bronx is sort of the firecracker of the bunch. She has a lot of energy, but sometimes it might be too much. With little regard for her long distance boyfriend, she almost got intimate with the boss, but stopped just in time.

Steven, 23, from San Marcos, Texas, is the all-American boy. He is currenltly going through divorce proceedings and spends time being more than roommates with Trishelle. He turned out to be the nice guy by letting Brynn stay on the show.

Trishelle, 22, from Cutoff, La., says she was a devout Christian when she was a child. So far she’s had a threesome with Brynn and Steven and routinely fools around with Steven. Trishelle was verbally bashed by her female roommates in last week’s episode.

Palms’ deal with MTV might be one of the best cases of product placement ever. The Real Worlders work at the hotel’s nightclub Rain as party promoters.

The latest season has done little to separate itself from previous years.

“Real World” is on MTV Tuesdays at 9 p.m., and repeats are shown on the weekends.

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