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Creative Family Photo Wall Ideas


In the modern age of technology family photos are an, often, forgotten part of life! We all have hundreds of photos on our phone but how often do they end up printed out and hung up? Very rarely. Family photos honor our loved ones and can really make a house feel like a home.

A good photo wall ties together a room’s design, making it seem more complete and interesting compared to empty walls. This can be challenging for us design newbies but it’s relatively easy with some inspiration. You can choose to design your photo display in a lot of ways but the first necessary step in creating any photo wall is to choose which pictures you want to include.

So grab your hammer and some nails as we dive into some creative photo wall ideas!

The Cluster Display

The cluster display is a popular photo display design because it’s easy to create a montage of things you love without being forced to stick to a more defined theme.

This is a more casual style of design so it’s really your choice if you want to use frames or not. You can use different frames for a more eclectic look, use all the same frames for a more uniformed design, or you can forget frames all together for a more Bohemian look.

If you’re interested in using this design you can create your own photo montage with editing software to save yourself some hard work! Just edit, frame, and hang.

The Stacking Display

The stacking display style is a more uniformed design than the cluster display. This design can be done either horizontally or vertically; however long, short, tall, or wide as you want it. The essential quality that makes this design stand out from the others is the equal distance between each picture.

Designers usually use similar frames in this style to create a neat look but will often include a pop of color by alternating colored frames in the same style through-out the look! Remember these photo wall ideas are for inspiration, ultimately it’s your decision, have fun with it.

The Curated Display

The curated display includes heartfelt photos of loved ones with the designer’s favorite art. Alternating your family photos with books, art, and natural materials will not only create a display that showcases a part of your personality to your house guests, but it will also create an interesting element to your room’s design.

What Photo Wall Ideas Will You Create?

Whether you’re looking to create a causal photo wall or a more intricate curated display adding family photos to your interior design is a great way to make your house feel more like yours. There’s a lot of designs you can play with but ultimately the choice is yours!

Pick some photo wall ideas you like for inspiration but allow your creative juices to flow, you may end up with a one of a kind display that compliments your unique interior design.

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