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How Frequently Are People Divorcing in 2020?


As long as marriage is a norm in our society, so, too, will be divorce. In the same way that studying marriage lets you know why people pair-bond, it’s just as important to understand why marriages don’t last and people split.

Studying the divorce rate gives you a head start in this direction.

To learn more about the current status of divorce and perhaps a glimpse at why people are divorcing, read the information below.

What is the Current Divorce Rate?

Today, some 39 percent of marriages in the United States are ending in divorce. This data comes from the most recent census data, and there are a number of reasons that couples are deciding to call it quits.

When you can begin to break down the current divorce rate and what it means, you will get a better idea about the state of long-term relationships as a whole.

Are Divorce Rates Trending Upward or Downard?

Now that you know the current divorce rates, you can contextualize this data by studying divorce rates from prior years. You’ll find that divorce rates are actually down from 40 years ago when they were closer to 50 percent.

While Millennials are often criticized for being detached, impersonal and less concerned about community, they’re actually the reason divorce rates are declining so sharply. According to marriage and relationship studies, Millenials are staying together more than the previous generations were willing to.

Though divorce rates are on the decline, you should still be aware of the reality that many marriages just won’t make it.

This is why companies like offer marketing services for divorce lawyers that allows them to find and serve the clients that are looking to end their marriages.

Why Are People Getting Divorced?

Now that you understand the rate of divorce and why it’s declining, you should get to know the main reasons that people choose to end their marriages.

Here are some common causes of divorce:

1. Problems With Money

When you can’t take care of your survival needs, the rest of the relationship is bound to fail. Couples that struggle with money often compartmentalize this problem to the point that they end up having fights about everything else while missing the elephant in the room.

Even bigger than a simple bank account balance, money problems are often deeply rooted in trauma and psychological beliefs about money and one’s sense of self.

2. Infidelity and Affairs

When someone steps outside of their marriage, they break a trust that isn’t easily fixable. Many marriages don’t make it back from issues of infidelity.

People choose to end the marriage either because the affair itself was a deal breaker, or they no longer feel like they can put faith in the cheating spouse.

3. Issues With Sex

When couples struggle to have sex or when the sex is unfulfilling, it can easily drive a wedge between two otherwise loving and compatible partners. Trying to fix the complications of a sexless marriage can sometimes be more of a burden than couples are willing or able to bear.

Likewise, other couples find that no matter what they do, they are simply no longer sexually compatible – or never were.

The Facts About Divorcing

The information above not only shines some light on how frequently people are divorcing – it also poses some reasons why. When you break it down to a science, it becomes easier to do something about it.

Whether you are married or planning to get married someday, it pays to reflect on and understand the facts about divorce.

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