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SMU Juniors Jaisan Avery and Kayla Spears paint together during Curlchella hosted by SMU Fro, Dallas Texas, Wednesday April 17, 2024 (©2024/Mikaila Neverson/SMU).
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Mikaila Neverson, News Editor • April 23, 2024

How to be Successful in Online Classes: 5 Hacks You Need to Know


There are many areas where a student can fall short while taking online classes. Perhaps you don’t know how to manage your time. Maybe you don’t have the discipline to prioritize your schooling when there’s no set schedule.

Whatever’s holding you back, we can help. Check out our top five tips for learning how to be successful in online classes.

1. Create a List of Goals

First, you need to sit down with your school schedule and familiarize yourself with your classes. Determine which classes you think (or know) will require the most homework and/or studying.

Create a list of goals such as minimum grades you want to achieve in each class, how much time you want to devote to your education each week, how many hours you want to work, etc.

2. Design a Schedule

Once you have your basic goals laid out, learning how to be successful in online classes is as simple as creating a strict schedule for yourself. More importantly, being successful is about sticking to your schedule.

It may take a couple of weeks to figure out exactly how much time you need per class. We recommend estimating high to avoid time constraints in the future. Also, be sure to set aside time for self-care to avoid burning out.

3. Learn Time Management Skills

Without time management skills, no schedule will be effective. Make sure you know how to manage your schedule with organization, prioritization, planning, and more. You need to learn how to be as efficient as possible during each segment of time allotted for classes, work, relaxation, house chores, etc.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

One of the biggest mistakes students make while taking online classes is putting things off until the last minute. Just because you have a week or two to complete an online test or assignment, it doesn’t mean you should put it off until the last day.

The more you keep up or stay ahead of schedule, the less stressful your life will be.

5. Know When to Ask for Help

Nobody is an expert on everything. While going to school, there’s going to come a time when you’re legitimately challenged or even stuck. Learning how to be successful in online classes means knowing when to ask for help and where to get it.

People like Prabir Purohit didn’t get where they are because they tried to do everything on their own. Good leaders and successful business people know when to call for backup.

Ready to Get to Work?

We know that being successful in online classes takes a little more effort than you might think. However, if you stay organized and manage your time properly, there’s no reason you can’t ace all of your classes. Just remember to ask for help when you need it.

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