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What Is IT Project Management? A Definitive Guide


70% of American companies either have an ongoing digital transformation campaign or are working on one. Critical business processes such as project management will never be the same.

Companies can now manage expectations and set reasonable deadlines. Such shifts will make the process of handling complex IT project management processes easier.

At the heart of this move towards digital transformation is IT project management. Modern entities have numerous IT projects that must be achievable within set timelines. As such, IT project management ensures proper planning for such critical projects.

Digital transformation is still a new phenomenon within corporate contexts. As such, most businesses still struggle to grasp this concept. Here’s everything you need to know about IT project management.

What Is IT Project Management?

This question will provide a basis for understanding your project’s life cycle. This is especially so if you’re a project manager hoping to undertake critical IT-related projects such as data management soon.

IT project management refers to a structured approach that entails organizing, leading, and controlling all the activities that pertain to information technology projects.

Businesses that implement IT project management approaches can set reasonable deadlines and establish workable milestones to guide the implementation process.

You probably wonder why IT projects in a small company require such a complex project management approach. Businesses, whether large or small, undertake data mining, cloud computing, or even hardware installation. Other important functions, such as IT emergency recovery and computer security, also matter to a business.

Project management in information technology is at the core of any digital transformation strategy. The assertion is more so given that such critical activities form part of a business’s long-term success plan.

Phases in the IT Project Management Process

The management of IT projects involves a lengthy life cycle, which managers break down into measurable and achievable phases. Here are the phases in the life cycle.


Every IT project commences at the initiation stage. Here, the project management and the steering committee define and set the project’s goals and objectives. At this stage, a project manager takes over the leadership of the project before creating a charter.


The IT project management team will typically develop the deliverables on the project at this stage. A recent Bloomberg study alludes to the fact that poor planning is among the most common reasons for startup failures.

The planning stage should be meticulous and precise. This phase in the life cycle also entails the assigning of tasks and responsibilities. With proper planning, your IT project implementation process will encounter minimum hurdles.


Once the team assigns the tasks and the deliverables, each team player moves ahead with the implementation. The process of execution must fit into the deliverables. This has to be within the set specifications related to quality and timelines.

Monitoring and Controlling

The process of monitoring has to be the most important phase in the IT project management process. As the project manager, this phase requires a critical focus on time, costs, scope, and project quality. The project manager must also ensure a keen focus on other factors such as risk.

You need to provide a constant update regarding the status of the project. This is imperative in keeping track of the timelines. It also works towards ensuring that the project’s completion is within the set blueprint.

Monitoring and controlling encompasses contingency planning. The project management team should be able to develop the necessary contingencies to ensure that any emerging eventualities don’t affect the project’s completion.


An IT project within your business is only complete once the team achieves the set deliverables. The milestones must be within the time, quality, and budget set.

Most companies opt to entrust their most critical IT projects, such as IT network optimization, to seasoned contractors. There are companies that offer unmatched IT support and consulting services for such important IT projects.

Why Does the IT Project Management Process Matter?

Just like with every other project management process, you’ll need to invest money as you undertake IT project management. Is this investment worth it?


Without proper management, you’ll likely have a ship without a rudder. Most information technology projects such as computer security can have costly negative implications on your company if not well-handled. As such, it would help to have proper leadership during the implementation of such important activities.

You can opt to outsource a project management team or in-source such functions. Either way, leadership is an invaluable aspect of the IT project management process.


Without an IT project management strategy in place, the team will lack clarity. The lack of objectives and defined goals can affect the ability to execute the set IT projects.

This is why most companies prefer to outsource IT project management services. Outsourcing brings clarity and focus to the organization.

Realistic Project Planning

If an IT project lacks a realistic plan, there’s bound to be frustration. Most times, experienced information technology project managers bring in the aspect of rationality and practicability into the team. This eliminates the risk of unachievable expectations by setting realistic project plans.

Ensures Quality Within a Budget

The process of IT project management can be capital intensive. As such, budgets come in handy. However, you can’t compromise on quality to save on costs. This is why IT project management is vital.

IT project management ensures you achieve the set IT project management targets. Such targets are achievable within the set cost and anticipated quality.

Allow Experts to Guide You on Your Next IT Project

IT projects can make or break your company. This is due to the amount of money and time you must invest in such projects.

You can’t ignore IT projects such as IT network optimization. Your business must also pay attention to computer security. Such factors matter to your business.

Businesses must now invest more in IT project management. The move is necessitated by the growing need to ensure an expert approach in the management of such IT projects. This shift is achievable by consulting seasoned IT support experts.

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