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Going to School: 5 Pro Tips for Putting Together a College Packing List


If you’re preparing for college this year, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about what to pack. Moving away from home can be nerve-wracking and it’s hard to know what you’ll need.

A lot of new students find that they’ve packed the wrong clothes for the climate of the place they’re moving to, or they simply pack way too much stuff and end up with storage problems.

We’ve pulled together the ultimate college packing list to help you plan exactly what you will need (and what you won’t need!) Read on to take the worry and stress out of packing for college.

1. Check-in With Your Roommate

There’s a bunch of stuff that’s great to have in your room, like a mini-fridge or a microwave, but it wouldn’t be so great to have two of these things! So make sure you check with your roommate what they’re bringing, so you don’t duplicate.

You should be aware, though, that some residence halls don’t allow any cooking equipment like hot plates due to safety concerns. So, make sure you check ahead before packing these items.

2. Don’t Pack Too Many Clothes

It’s likely you won’t have much closet space, so consider this when deciding what to pack for college. Pack for the current season and rotate clothes when you visit home during vacations. Don’t forget a smart outfit for interviews – 43% of students were employed alongside their studies in 2018, so you will need to dress to impress to secure your side job.

3. Buy When You Arrive

For some items like trash bags, kitchen towels and cleaning material, it makes more sense to buy these in a local store when you arrive rather than packing it all up and bringing it from home. It could also be more fun to choose your room art together with your roommate at a student sale, rather than bringing posters from home.

4. Think About Your Bed!

Sleep is important for your health and well-being, so you need to prioritize this in packing for college. Make sure you have the right pillows and comforter, and maybe earplugs and an eye mask to block out external disturbances. Consider investing in a mattress cover – you probably don’t want to think about what your mattress has lived through with previous owners!

5. Don’t Buy Brand New Textbooks

The average student spends $484 per year on course materials. Be sure to check out your campus library and investigate whether textbook rental services are available to help reduce this cost. These articles also provide some great tips about how to get the most from your textbooks.

Your College Packing List Essentials

It’s a fine balance when thinking about your college packing list. You want to avoid being overwhelmed with too much stuff in a small space, but also ensure that you have everything you need from home.

This list should have given you a few good ideas about what you need to pack for college.

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