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Print Media: How to Make Physical News Work in the Modern World


Despite what you might believe, print media is far from dead.

People are still reading physical newspapers and magazines. The landscape has just changed a bit as technology and reading habits evolve.

But newspapers are still widely read, especially on campuses. In fact, within any 30-day period, 72 percent of college students have picked up their university newspaper.

This is an opportunity for your newspaper staff to make an impact.

Here are some tips for creating and selling newspapers at your university in this modern world.

Focus on Content

The quality of your content will ultimately determine the success of your college newspaper.

Students want to read compelling stories about what’s happening on campus. While local newspapers might pick up the occasional story about your university, this is a beat that nobody else is covering in-depth. It’s an opportunity to corner the market and break news students won’t find elsewhere.

On top of campus news, they’ll also want to read a mix of opinion pieces, national headlines, and issues in your university’s local community.

Effective Layout

Your staff needs to put as much thought into the layout and design of your paper as they do the content.

The visual impact of your newspaper will determine whether someone picks up a copy to read.

It needs to be easy to read and understand, as well as interesting.

Your front page should pack a wallop. Grab readers’ attention with eye-catching headlines, impactful images, compelling graphics, and fonts, and color schemes that are easy on the eyes.

Digital Component

People still love their print newspapers, but every successful newspaper needs a good website. It’s a space to publish additional stories and break news.

Much like your print publication’s front page, your website needs to have many of the same qualities: easy readability, high-quality stories, interesting graphics.

On top of that, your website shouldn’t be overloaded with information or load slowly. You want to keep your readers, not lose them.

Your digital footprint is also another opportunity to draw in advertisers.

Attract a Mix of Advertisers

College newspaper advertising reaches a unique market of 18- to 22-year-olds that is sometimes hard to target. This will appeal to a range of advertisers.

First, look on campus for potential advertisers, maybe the coffee shop, bookstore, or pub.

Then, look to your immediate community. Where are places that college students like to hang out? Cafes, bars, music and event venues, retailers, public transportation.

And don’t forget national advertisers – cell phone companies, larger retail chains, ride-share companies.

You’ll want to have a dedicated sales staff targeting potential advertisers interested in reaching your audience.

Find Creative Ways to Fund Your Print Media

Depending on the structure of your university, you might need to get creative in how you fund your newspaper.

Some colleges will have a budget for their newspaper. Some even have money to pay their editor and other staff members.

Even with funds handed to you by your college, that might not be enough to print your newspaper.

So, you need to get creative. Advertising money. Fundraisers. Newspaper subscriptions and sales.

These are some additional revenue streams for your newspaper. You just need to understand the requirements set forth by your university before bringing in additional funds.

Want to Learn More About What’s Happening on Campus?

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s new on campus, print media isn’t dead. It’s thriving.

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