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SMU Juniors Jaisan Avery and Kayla Spears paint together during Curlchella hosted by SMU Fro, Dallas Texas, Wednesday April 17, 2024 (©2024/Mikaila Neverson/SMU).
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Mikaila Neverson, News Editor • April 23, 2024

5 Ideal Jobs for People Who Love Talking


If you love talking, you likely are an extrovert or at least an ambivert.

Whatever type of vert you are, if you’ve got a knack for chatting then you may as well incorporate that skill into your career.

Why should you be stuck in a cubicle wasting your gift of gab?

Let’s take a look at five jobs for people who love to talk.

1. News Anchor or Reporter

Are you looking for careers for people who love to talk and don’t mind being on camera? Communication skills are vital to being a news anchor or a reporter. It’s essential in this role that you’re able to relate to your audience and convey information and stories in the appropriate way.

2. Teacher

If you love to talk and you love to share what you know, being a teacher might be a great role for you.

If being a teacher is appealing to you, you’ll want to consider what age range of student you’d be most suited towards. Teaching jobs can range from preschool children to adult education, so you have a lot of options in that regard.

3. Life Coach

Being a life coach is a great possible career for people who love to talk almost as much as they love to listen. Life coaches help others identify their goals and create a plan they can act upon to achieve those goals.

Are you interested in becoming a life coach and helping others reach their full potential? Follow this link to learn more about life coach certification.

4. Salesperson

If you’ve ever met a salesperson, you know that people who love to talk are well-suited to this role. Being a salesperson is all about building relationships with potential and existing customers. A salesperson’s ability to chat with a potential customer and make them feel comfortable can make or break whether the sale is made.

5. Customer Service Representative

Do you particularly love talking on the phone? Being a customer service representative is not the easiest job and can come with many challenges. That being said, if you love to talk, have great listening skills, excell at problem solving and are highly skilled at addressing the concerns of customers, this might be the job for you.

If You Love Talking, Find a Job That Suits Your Interests!

Approximately one-third of our lives are spent at work. That’s a lot!

If we’re going to spend so many hours at work, why shouldn’t we use the skills we have and enjoy the most? If you love talking, you should find a career where you can spend your days talking to people and helping people in whatever fashion makes the most sense for you.

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