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Six Trending Budgeting Apps this 2021


Budgeting can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be if you find the right tool to help you do it. From old-fashioned budgeters to new ones, there are a lot of apps that will help keep track of your money.

As per the 2018 National Financial Capability Study of FINRA, about 58% of the respondents do not use software apps to track their finances, and 55% of them are claiming that they aren’t saving money at all. Without a helpful tool to help them check and balance their finances, long-term financial goals can go wrong, that is why it is important to budget and keep track of it using budgeting software. Here are some of the best apps that can help you keep track of your personal finances to be able to reach your financial goals.


This app allows you to save more money and spend less. This budgeting management app synchronizes user accounts to keep track of your spending. In fact, the app has been one of the trusted apps used by budgeters for years now. This budgeting app lets you update and categorize transactions, letting you visualize real-time spending. Users can also add more categories, split transactions, track bills, and set budgets that give an alert when they are exceeding their maximum spending capacity. They also provide credit score monitoring and free credit scores.


Everydollar is a budgeting management app that helps users plan their purchases and track their spending. It is made for zero-based budgeting, where your expenses are equal to your income. It has a free version that allows users to create a transaction every time they spend money to account for it in their budget. They also have a more upgraded version which is the EveryDollar Plus which lets you connect your expenses with your bank account. However, this costs more, $129.99 every year.


Another budgeting app that is mostly used by people who want to take budgeting seriously is the YNAB. This strong, hands-on app teaches users to live on his/her previous month’s income. The YNAB, like EveryDollar, is also centered on the zero-based budgeting system, where the users make a plan for every penny they earn. The app has a 34-day free trial, and after that, you can choose to continue using it for $11.99 per month or $84 per year. For students who want to take budgeting to a serious level, they can use the app for 12 additional months, given that they can provide proof of enrollment.

The app allows you to connect with bank accounts, contribute to savings, set goals, and customize spending categories. In addition, you can access resources such as budgeting advice, free workshops, and app user guides. You can get this app at a good discount at GoMontana.


Pocketguard is for a more simplified budgeting snapshot. It gives a clear picture of how much you can spend at a given moment. It crunches the numbers so that users know how much money is left after taking into account the bills, savings, and spending goal contributions. Users can see how much money he can spend in the “in my pocket” section for the day, week, or month. It also allows you to track down certain spending categories such as eating out, clothing, and groceries.

Good Budget

Goodbudget is based on the traditional envelope system, wherein you divide your monthly income into specific spending categories. What makes this app different from other apps is that it lets multiple devices open the same account; thus, couples and family members can share and keep track of the budget. However, unlike other apps mentioned, it does not sync with your bank accounts. You have to manually add account balances, cash amounts, and even debts.

With the income and cash entered, you designate the money toward spending categories or envelopes. It has a free version that only allows one account to be accessed by two devices and only has limited envelopes. The Plus version offers unlimited accounts up to 5 devices and envelopes and other extras. However, this comes with a price of about $6 each month or $50 every year.

Clarity Money

With Clarity Money, you can keep track of your spending and subscriptions. It is a comprehensive savings and budgeting app where it allows users to link accounts from different institutions, organize expenses, track spending and separate their spending into categories. It also has added features such as credit score monitoring and subscription canceling to provide a more inclusive picture of financial transactions.

Budgeting money can be overwhelming. However, if you are truly dedicated to saving or allocating your budget to reach your financial goals, it is possible. The budgeting apps we have mentioned above will help you reach your goals. You just need to carefully choose which one works for you. However, budgeting and saving will still depend on your commitment and dedication to reach your financial objectives.

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