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What Supplements Should I Take for Working Out?

What Supplements Should I Take for Working Out?

What do you supplement with? Popular products for athletes generally include Creatine, pre-workout formulas, and protein powders – all of which have distinct purposes and that contribute to your fitness goals. It is safe to use Creatine and Pre-workout supplements together, but always be cognizant of ingredients and read the labels. If you want the strength and muscle mass of Creatine with the energy and stamina offered by a pre-workout powder, use them in conjunction for best results.

So, what supplements should I take for working out?

Ideally, those that are serious about their fitness goals should supplement with creatine, pre-workout, and/or protein powder for optimal results, fast. Since these are distinct formulas with their own benefits, there is no issue or problem in using a combination of these products to supplement your diet and power through your training.

Here is what you need to know about supplements for working out:


Creatine is a metabolite that contributes to the development of lean muscle. Creatine contains three essential amino acids that your body cannot make organically: arginine, glycine, and methionine. It is these vital aminos that give you energy and that help the body recover fast after your workout. When taken regularly, Creatine can improve power, stamina, endurance, and speed for optimal athletic performance- whatever that may be!

Other perks of this amazing metabolite include less inflammation, improved digestion, better weight management, enhanced cognition, and relief for chronic joint pain.

Creatine Product Suggestions

Looking for some high-quality Creatine supplements to add to your routine? Look for products from XWERKS, including XWERKS Lift. XWerks has long been touted as a leader in the supplement market- and millions of buyers rely on these quality products for their own fitness and health goals. This product specifically is a great one for those just venturing into supplements, and it is a monohydrate Creatine supplement that is easily dissolved in liquid, for smooth consumption. The directions recommend that you take XWerks LIFT before your workout, for best results- expect more power, strength, and speed. This equates to more muscle later, with consistency. XWERKS Lift is affordable, effective, and widely available to buy online.

Another Creatine supplement that is highly recommended is Onnit Creatine. Onnit may be a name that you recognize if you have previously bought or shopped for health supplements and Creatine. They come highly rated by buyers with exceptional customer service, according to this company’s ratings and reviews.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Onnit Creatine is the value for the quality- Onnit is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it is one of the lower cost supplements found- give it a try if lean muscle mass is on your health and fitness agenda! Enjoy the added benefit of faster recovery, too, so you won’t feel sore after giving your all in the gym!

Pre Workout

Sure, many pre-workout supplements contain Creatine- but the products serve different and distinctive purposes. Pre-workout supplements focus on energy and giving you a boost to get through rigorous activity. While the ingredients in Creatine are typically just that, a pre-workout commonly contains stimulants like caffeine, in addition to natural ingredients like citrulline malate, L-theanine, and red beet extract. These formulations are designed to improve oxygenation and blood flow- which you can feel during your workout.

A pre-workout supplement is intended to improve your intensity, output, and number of reps when training, which ideally leads to increased muscle. Pre-workouts are fine for any level athlete, from beginner to pro, when a boost of energy is needed. Pre-workouts may also increase focus and make you feel sharp, and help you stay on track. Since many pre-workouts contain caffeine, they may interfere with sleep or cause insomnia if taken close to bedtime.

Pre Workout Product Suggestions

So, which pre-workout product is right for you? There are a few specific brands and formulas that come highly ranked by the consumers using them. The first product making the list comes from Transparent Labs – Bulk Pre Workout. It contains around 200 mg of caffeine, BCAAs, Vitamin D3, and Zinc- and is perfect for any type or level of training. Look for their stimulant-free formula, too, Transparent Labs – Stim-Free Pre Workout, if you prefer your pre-workout without caffeine or other stimulants.

Protein Powder

Protein powders and pre-workout powder supplements are often confused and mistakenly thought to be the same. In fact, they are very different. While pre-workouts contain caffeine primarily- or other stimulants, a protein powder is mainly protein, to help provide the body with the necessary nutrients to build muscle.

When it comes to muscle development, protein is vital and many diets may be deficient in the protein needed to build lean muscle mass. Did you know that protein can also contribute to weight loss? Protein satiates and makes you feel fuller, longer- which may help you eat less and see results faster.

Protein Powder Product Suggestions

XWERKS Ignite is an excellent option when you are looking to add protein to your diet. XWERKS is a leader in supplements, so it is no surprise that they make a great protein powder, too! This product is low carb, sugar-free, and it contains no gluten or dairy- so you are not buying a lot of fillers. Plus, this powder contains caffeine which gives you a boost- and that may play a role in endurance, stamina, and weight management.

Another highly recommended option comes from Pre Lab Pro. Pre Lab Pro specializes in products that aid neuromuscular performance, as well as cardiovascular function. This is good news for any consumer. This pre workout product fuels the cells, which helps the blood flow. One of the active ingredients in this formula is all-natural Beetroot, which brings many holistic health benefits to the mix.

There are similarities and distinctions among the products mentioned- do what is right for you! Find the right combination of supplements that help you get to your fitness goals faster and that provide the results you seek. There is a place in every regimen for these products- learn to use them collaboratively, so you get the very best out of every workout and training session.

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