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FIRST YEAR 101: Campus Tips

Dear first-years and newly arrived transfer students, welcome to SMU.

All you all have been to AARO and Corral, some may think you have been told all you need to be told, but really there is more you need to know.

Catching the SMU Spirit

Go to the football games. And stay for the whole game. Same applies for soccer, basketball and other sports. You get in free, unlike those Aggie fans who will be paying at least $80 a seat for SMU’s game against Texas A&M, so take advantage of the opportunity to stand on a seat you didn’t have to pay for.

Wear red and blue on Fridays and on the Boulevard and to the games.

Housing Tips

For the first several weeks of class sleep in something you don’t mind being seen in public wearing. And keep some shoes handy.

After you have been rousted out of bed by the once a semester fire alarm drill, you can sleep however you want, but if you have a room mate you make sure you sleep in something.
You are among one of the last groups of students who will not be required to live on campus your sophomore year.

If you decide you like the convenience of living on campus, pay attention to your email early next semester as there is only a short period of time in which to apply for housing for the following academic year.

There are those who snoozed and had to make other plans for housing this year.

Do not leave your laundry in the washer or dryer longer than necessary.

Always leave the washer door open when not in use and clean the lint filter.

This will help prevent both fungi in the washer and fire in the dryer.

Plus, it’s good to be environmentally friendly.

If something needs fixing do not hesitate to email [email protected], this includes street lamps and other exterior lights on campus that are out.

Academic Tips is not the Bible. Each professor has a different teaching style and is certainly not for everyone.

Do everything you can to take at least one class from as many as you can of the following professors:

Carolyn Barta
Charles Curran
David Doyle
Rick Halperin
Kenneth Howard
Joseph Kobylka
Steve Lee
Bruce Levy
Dennis Simon
Ross Sloan
Hiroki Takeuchi
Elizabeth Wheaton

Best places to study on campus by yourself:

The Law Library
Bridwell Library

Best places to study on campus in a group:

One of the reservable group study rooms at Club Fondren, more formally known as Fondren Library Center

The Thompson Study Area in the basement of Dallas Hall

General Tips

Expand your horizons and take time to befriend people who are not like you.

People with different career plans, people from different parts of the world, people from different socio-ethnic backgrounds, people with a different faith.

Speaking of which, take part in the Muslim Student Association’s annual Fastathon and SMU Hillel’s Interfaith Seder, in both cases the food is not only free, it is delicious.

Before you buy your textbooks, check the library catalog.

Keep up to date on campus happenings by reading The Daily Campus in print and online at

Also make sure to watch The Daily Update on SMU TV (that’s Channel 19 on Charter Cable) or online on The Daily Campus website. 

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