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SMU students gather around a bucket of markers to write an encouraging note to put in “Welcome to the Shelter” kits at event in mid-April on SMU’s campus.
Dallas homeless recovery center, The Bridge, is a home
Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

SMU senior reflects on last homecoming

Homecoming is finally here on the Hilltop. All week, various student groups have been competing in activities such as Peruna painting, banner making and of course float building. Finally, as a senior, I am taking part in SMU’s ultimate public display of spirit.

Although homecoming has traditionally been a Greek-dominated affair, in recent years other groups such as the Lyle Ambassadors (formerly known as APES), MAPS and Spectrum have participated in some of the week’s activities.

Lyle in particular has jumped in with both feet to Homecoming, especially by participating in float building, undoubtedly the most time and labor intensive part of homecoming.

This year is my first experience float building. It can be summed up as “pomps on pomps on pomps.” If you haven’t experienced this vital job that creates the incredible floats you will see drive down the boulevard tomorrow morning at 11 a.m., you’re missing out.

Its pretty amazing what students can do with chicken wire, tissue paper and spray glue. Look out for some extra special effects that make the displays even more spectacular.

Although this is my first year actively participating in homecoming, I have been attending homecomings at SMU since I was only a few months old.

Both of my parents went to SMU (my dad, a Fiji, met my mom, a Chi-O, by volunteering to coach the Chi-O intramural football team. Adorable, right?) and thus of course were eager to properly indoctrinate my sisters and me to become Mustangs.

Growing up in Dallas allowed me to visit SMU often in my younger years. Although I can’t really remember many of the Homecoming themes, parades, floats or even the football games, I always remember enjoying being here. Even if I wasn’t yet a student, and thus couldn’t “come home” for homecoming, I knew I one day wanted to.

Thus, this week has really turned into a time of reflection for me. I have done a lot in my few short years as an undergraduate, and to be honest, I am rather sad that they are coming to an end soon.

In just a few months, I’m going to join the ranks of SMU alumni. I look forward to coming back and visiting SMU whenever I can, be it for football games, Mustang band shows, receptions for big time donors (OK, I can dream right?) or anything else.

Being a fan of SMU football for 22 years now, I already have plans for a boulevard spot and a giant trailer smoker, by the way. Maybe I’ll even challenge Paul Layne for his football game attendance record!

Enjoy Homecoming. It is a really neat time to look to the past and to the future for not only alumni, but current and potentially future students as well.

I know you’ve all heard it a million times, but college goes by fast. Take advantage of it so you have some awesome stories to tell at your Golden Mustang reunion.

Ray is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. He can be reached for comment at [email protected]

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