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Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Mustang LINK bridges gap between high school and college

Mustang LINK, a little known organization on Southern Methodist University’s campus, is responsible for getting “on-the-fence” high school seniors to attend SMU.

Mustang LINK is made up of an assortment of students, ranging from first-years to seniors from a variety of backgrounds; its activities include Mustang Days, Mustang Monday(s), and Spring Fest. These events often have Dallas restaurants cater and some form of entertainment.

The members of Mustang LINK are called Peruna Pals, named after the SMU mascot, Peruna the pony. In order to be a Peruna Pal, one must show a tremendous amount of school pride and spirit.

The Peruna Pals are “very diverse in terms of age, majors, [and] where they are from. All four [of SMU’s] schools are well represented,” says Tali Koerner, assistant director of admissions. “Approximately 60 students are involved.”

Meetings are typically once a month in the lower level of the Laura Lee Blanton building, and dinner and refreshments are provided.

One SMU student and Mustang LINK member, senior Derrick Chen, said he has participated in Mustang LINK for 3 1/2 years.

“I just feel like it gives me a way to give back to SMU-by being a representative or ambassador.”

“I love meeting people,” he added. “We represent SMU.” Chen also said that Pernua Pals plays “a big part in the incoming class.”

Sophomore Jessica Roska said Mustang LINK has been “a great experience and great leadership opportunity.”

Roska is going on her second year as a Pernua Pal, and says what keeps her coming back is the fact that she “like[s] working with high school students, [and] I’ve really enjoyed myself at SMU, so I really like being able to show them what it has to offer.”

During Mustang Monday, Mustang Days and/or Spring Fest, small groups are created-typically with two Peruna Pals and some high schoolers-and the Peruna Pals take the visiting students around SMU, usually while playing a game, thereby educating them about the school, traditions, and stories.

Peruna Pals also “help with registration, sit on panels, direct visitors to various locations, lead tours, eat lunch and visit with visiting students and families… They also help with calls congratulating students on being admitted [to SMU],”says Koerner.

Mustang Days, Mustang Mondays and Spring Fest are all-day events held in the spring and there are usually activities for both the high school seniors and their parents.

Anyone interested in getting involved in Mustang LINK should contact the staff advisor, Tali Koerner at [email protected].

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