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Panhellenic unites campus Greeks

NPC establishes relationships

Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi are eight of the 26 member organizations that make up the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

The NPC establishes good interfraternity relationships and assists chapters with maintaining the highest scholastic and social standards.

NPC, as a conference and not a congress, does not make its own laws or rules, but enforces those ideals agreed upon unanimously by all 26 member organizations. Known as the “Unanimous Agreements,” these guidelines govern all Greek life on all campuses across the country and cannot be amended.

The SMU Panhellenic Council acts as the governing body over the eight NPC sororities located on our campus. The SMU Panhellenic Conference works to unite all eight chapters, to enforce the NPC Unanimous Agreements and to oversee and regulate recruitment.

The 11 SMU Panhellenic executive officers and eight delegates work year round to improve Greek life by creating proposals and amendments to the SMU Greek consitution. Proposals can only be made by executive officers and delegates but any active Greek can go to their delegate to suggest a proposal.

The Panhellenic Press comes out every Monday, and at the bottom of every issue it lists all recent proposals and the verdict. Panhellenic passes and fails new proposals every week, but recently Panhellenic has passed proposal 200 – silence will now only be from Jan. 1 until noon on Bid Day and proposal 197 – Gamma Phis will not be allowed to participate in

At meetings, proposals that have been made are proposed to the group. The delegates debate about the proposals and the executive officers act as mediators between the delegates. Chapter presidents are not allowed to speak and must sit in silence unless they’re asked a question by their delegate.

After the meeting, the proposals are taken back to the eight houses, by the delegates, and are to be discussed and voted on as a whole chapter. The majority decision is returned to Panhellenic and needs a five to three majority to pass.

Emily Pratt, the Panhellenic president said, “Panhellenic is not only working together to foster good relationships with the NPC sororities, but also other Greek organizations on campus including the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.”

Panhellenic continually tries to outreach to other Greek councils by inviting them to dinner, sharing information and going to their meetings.

“Being Greek means embracing every Greek member no matter the letters, color, flower or council, and working towards positively influencing their Greek experience,” Elise Schachar, Chi Omega president, said.

Panhellenic promotes the positive ideals of Greek life at SMU, and contribute to the SMU community through involvement, leadership, academic excellence, philanthropic projects, school spirit and overall support.

“When you get out into the real world, you may live next door to a Sigma Kappa, or a Delta Zeta, or the person next to you at work may be a Phi Mu and it’s important to realize that you have this amazing common bond, and to support all of our Panhellenic sisters because that what will ultimately make each chapter stronger,” Casey Potter, Chi Omega delegate, said.

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