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Panhellenic gets new rules for fall

SMU’s Panhellenic Council has changed its guidelines for recruitment to encourage social interaction between current and potential sorority members.

“We’re trying to make it easier for first year women to adapt to college life – that’s the main goal,” said Shannon Sumerlin, coordinator of Greek Affairs.

Sumerlin said she hopes the new recruitment process will create a more comfortable environment so students can be themselves.

Potential new members are now able to study and eat at the same table as current members. They can also ride in a car together if they belong to the same student organization.

The old rules were in place to prevent “dirty rushing,” or giving potential members the idea they will become part of a sorority before they received a bid.

This year, executives representing each of the eight sororities and Panhellenic met to discuss and implement the new changes.

Alpha Chi Omega sophomore Nazanin Fooman said she thinks the changes were a good idea.

“I think it’s better. No matter what sorority it is, girls are going to talk to freshmen,” she said.

“Panhellenic can’t stop that.”

Fooman said during her recruitment current members were in social contact with her as well as other members.

She said it created a lot of stress for members who did not want to get into trouble. Fooman feels that the new guidelines will prevent some of that stress.

“It would’ve been cooler if I could’ve done it that way,” she said.

Kara Devoto, vice president of recruitment for Panhellenic, is excited about the new changes. She thinks the new guidelines will allow members to get to know those who may be the future of their sorority and says the changes are for the better.

But not everyone, she said, feels the same way.

“I think they’re great, [but] sometimes it’s hard to get across that change is good,” she said.

Most of the concerns spawn from SMU Panhellenic tradition, which dates back to 1915.

Sumerlin said it’s natural for people to stray away from the idea of change.

“It’s hard for people to see what it will look like in the end,” she said.

Sumerlin is looking forward to the possibility of more social changes.

But for now, she said she is satisfied.

“You have to take baby steps,” she said.

Devoto said she hopes those that maybe concerned with the new changes realize that they are protecting new and potential members.

“I just hope they realize this change is for the better. There’s always room for improvement in everything you do,” she said.

The guidelines were modeled after campuses who found them successful.

Many rules for potential new members remain the same. For example, women going through recruitment must take at least 12 hours the semester before and have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

And potential members can’t have a judicial probation on her record in the previous calendar year.

The fee for recruitment registration is $75 if students sign up before Oct. 1. After that, it rises to $100.

The deadline is Dec. 1.

For a complete list of rules, log on to and click on the “Panhellenic Council” link.

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