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Budgets out

At yesterday’s Student Senate meeting, the Senate Appropriations Committee announced the preliminary budgets for the 2005-2006 school year. Over 150 campus organizations went through the budget process. The total amount requested by all organizations was $1, 284, 819.22, while the budget available for the 2005-2006 fiscal year totaled $525,000.

Organizations have until 5 p.m. Friday to file a complaint with the committee. According to the Student Activities Center’s Web site, “the complaint process is for groups who feel they were not adequately funded. The complaining group must find money already allocated to another group and provide a reason why they are more deserving of the funds. A complaint form must be filled out and the group must explain its reasoning at a hearing. The group whose money is in question is also allowed to be present to defend their funding.”

For more information on the preliminary budget, visit

The Senate also passed a bill to encourage the SMU management to investigate the possibilities of for future outdoor recycling on campus. The bill received a positive review from the Senate Executive Committee. Speaking on behalf of the committee, Student Body President Chip Hiemenz called the bill a “very well-intentioned piece.”

Senate also approved funding to Amnesty International for $425, although the organization requested $1,000. During the speaker’s podium section of the meeting, members from Amnesty International including current Senator Rafael Alvarez and professor Rick Halperin informed the Senate that the funding would be used for generating signatures for letters addressed to Sri Lankan government officials. The letters would address human rights injustices in Sri Lanka including child trafficking, kidnappings and crimes against refugees.

A bill to fund $690.05 to the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs for the organization’s third annual gala was postponed until the next Senate meeting.

The request for a bill to fund $1,000 to the Persian Student Society to bring a film screening and speaker was withdrawn.

Several organizations were approved by Senate to begin the chartering process.

The first organization to win approval was the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting. The organization’s president, Jim Gutierrez, was on hand to present Senate with an update on the organization’s progress. Currently, ALPFA has 13 members after one initial interest meeting. Future plans of ALPFA include a case study competition and career fair.

An SMU chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. was also given the go-ahead to begin the chartering process. Planned activities for the SMU chapter include a mentor/mentee programs, fundraising and a corporate panel.

Students for a Better Society was the third and final organization approved to begin the chartering process at the meeting. Michelle Wigianto, a founder of the organization, stressed that it was “not a political organization,” rather; the organization seeks to involve “students who have felt disenfranchised because of the conservative climate on campus.” The organization’s main mission is to foster proactive liberal debate on campus while maintaining a non-political reputation.

The Organizations Committee gave each of the organizations a positive recommendation and they were all approved.

During officer reports, Hiemenz, Vice President Liz Healy, Secretary Gabe Travers and Director Arlene Manthey commended the Senate for getting the word out about student elections. This year’s total of 1,971 voters is the largest amount of students to vote since 1971. Manthey called the election turnout “truly outstanding.”

In his report, Hiemenz announced the Membership Committee nominations for the Cox seat (Todd Lincoln Torrey) and the Dedman II seat (Shazia Shafi). The Senate approved both recommendations.

Hiemenz also encouraged Senate’s involvement in the upcoming search for a Chief Financial Officer for the university.

Next week, Senate will vote on a bill to fund the Persian Student Society $1,036 for its Norooz celebration and a bill to fund $1,230 for a new computer for the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs.

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