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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Local critic writes new book about music industry

Local writer, Christopher Levine, has just completed his second book.

Levine’s newest book is entitled, “Can’t Sit Still- Why Your Favorite Bands and Singers Sometimes Alienate You As A Poor Confused Listener”

The new release gives readers insight to aspects of the music industry and radio that they may not be aware of.

As a singer and songwriter, Levine is able to ask thought provoking questions to musicians.

In addition to interviewing band members, Levine adds in a personal touch by noting the first time he heard the bands music or includes a private story in the beginning of each interview.

His writing style is humorous, informative and clearly comes from a voice that is well versed in the world of music.

Currently living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Levine has been a resident of Southern California and New York City, thus gaining an in depth understanding of their music scenes.

He has interviewed a number of famous musicians and band members ranging from the Family Stone, The Supremes and Guns N’ Roses.

“Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption” was his first book release.

The book consisted of a number of short articles on musical topics.

The Executive Producer of AlienHaus Music Group, Rick Rantz notes that, “Christopher Levine is a highly talented critic who has a keen understanding of pop culture and the formal axioms associated with the art of making music.

He is able to skillfully and audaciously translate truth into reality for aspiring artists and consumers across a wide variety of genres and musical styles.”

As a true lover of his craft, his critiques flow from a genuine and heartfelt commitment to honesty and integrity.

Levine seems to value the role he plays in artists’ growth and development as much as he prides himself as a professional critic; and, this is an admirable quality amidst an industry inundated by competing and opposing values, ideals, and platitudes.

Put simply, Levine is the real deal amongst a sea of arrogant and pretentious wannabes.”

Levine’s company Eclectic Inc. had a website, but “He made the personal decision to shut it down as it was growing so rapidly that he felt it was losing it’s intimacy.”

The website generated a conversation and created a community of avid music listeners.

Levine’s blog, champions the underdogs of music as well as popular well-known artists.

His website and books have many important music industry endorsements that have rocketed his blog into the list of top music blogs.

To learn more about Levine check out or buy his books on  

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