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Alternative Spring Break needs full support from Student Senate

As its name suggests Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is aweeklong program that takes place over spring break. SMU studentstravel to various locations across the country and donate theirtime and energy to more productive ends than tanning andtequila.

ASB has been on campus for 11 years now. Some of the SMU groupslast year served the AIDS community in Philadelphia, domesticviolence in New Mexico, and homeless people in San Francisco.

Currently ASB is facing a shortage of funds due to changes inthe Student Senate budget request process. Increased concern forrisk management has also raised costs for the program.

Next week, Student Senate will vote on a bill that will fund theprogram a needed $6,700 for the continuation of the ASB program.Without this support, the program will have to limit participationto 10 or 12 students rather than the 40 to 60 as usual.

While 60 students may pale in size when compared to the entireSMU community, every little bit helps. And the people that theAlternative Spring Break program serves remain thankful for everysingle participant.

Alternative Spring Break’s missions is to “promoteservice within our global communities through alternative breakprojects which immerse participants in vastly different cultures,heighten social awareness, advocate life-long social change andsupport reciprocal partnership within the communities weserve.”

This is not just a statement. ASB actually fulfills itsobjective.

Participating students come back with a greater appreciation fortheir fellow man, feelings of pride in doing actually somethingthat makes a difference and giving back to the community.

The Alternative Spring Break program serves a vital purpose forthe entire community. This program needs the money in order tocontinue providing a unique opportunity for SMU students to get outof their element and help out.

The money is not going to cover frivolities.

The money is going to cover van rentals, supplies for each groupand insurance.

Plus, each student going on the trip pays a portion of theinitial cost to help offset the financial burden on the program. Ifstudents were required to pay for the rest of the trip themselves,it could cost close to $300 or $400 per person. With a price taglike that, participation would most likely drop dramatically.

Student Senate needs to approve this bill in order to keep an 11year-old program from dying. Talk to your senators today and showyour support for a campus program that really makes adifference.

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