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Taking Back Sunday impresses Gypsy Tea crowd

 Taking Back Sunday impresses Gypsy Tea crowd
Taking Back Sunday impresses Gypsy Tea crowd

Taking Back Sunday impresses Gypsy Tea crowd

After only a few years in existence, Taking Back Sunday has seena lot of ups and downs.

From a major lineup change that almost broke up the group andendless touring, to a No. 3 album on the billboard charts and anarmy of uber-dedicated fans, these guys have seen a lot. Theirsuccess isn’t a surprise: with lyrics that touch and amazinglive shows, TBS is definitely at the top of their game rightnow.

Monday night, hundreds of young fans crammed into their sold outshow at the Gypsy Tea Room to sing along at the top of their lungs,cheer, crowd surf and get completely drenched in sweat for theirfavorite band.

Entertainment Editor Alix McAlpine and designer Michael Jett satdown with Matt Rubano [bass] before the show for a few questionsand answers.


Daily Campus: You are one of the newer members of Taking BackSunday; what were the challenges of joining the band after thefirst album?

Matt Rubano: There were a lot of kinks to work out but it wasthe ideal situation to join a band that has a really passionate fanbase and to be able to hop in and be able to work on new songs andeverything.

DC: Are you really active in the songwriting process?

MR: We all are, it’s a collective thing.

DC: What were you doing before you joined the band?

MR: Well, I’ve been playing music my whole life, not mywhole life but for the last seven or eight years, just trying to bea musician and touring with other artists and bands and stuff likethat, a lot of studio work too. I’d be really happy playingmusic of any kind.

DC: You worked with Lauryn Hill a few years back, how did thatcome about?

MR: I had a friend who was working on her Miseducation ofLauryn Hill album and he said she was looking for a bass playerto finish up the album and to go on tour with. It was a reallygreat experience, a lot of fun.

DC: You guys obviously tour your butts off, is there anythingyou can’t live without on the road?

MR: Being on the road should be subtitled “livingwithout,” so lots of stuff…clean socks and underwear,the base musts are necessities but I’m not one to complainmuch. I think if you’re even a little bit resourcefulit’s easy to find the things you’re missing on theroad, if you need coffee or anything. But if you’re lookingto have your favorite pillowcase in your bunk, it’s probablynot gonna happen.

DC: Do you personally have a favorite city that you like to playin?

MR: I’m not very good with superlatives, you know, Ican’t really pick the bestest thing out of anything.It’s really hard to do, I really like playing in big citieslike Chicago, Vegas, London, but it’s fun everywhere we go,really. We try to make every place just as much fun, we don’tgive certain cities special attention, we do the same thingwherever we go.

DC: You have quite a few different bands joining you on the roadduring this tour, is there anyone in particular that you’relooking forward to playing with?

MR: I’m gonna be playing with this band, actually in thisband, from New York called Like Yesterday. They’re coming ontour on Nov. 17 and continuing for a few dates so I’ll beplaying with both bands during those dates. I met two of themembers in Boston at Berkeley, Mark and Dave [Homes] are some of mybest friends. Between the two of them it’s hard to figure outwho’s more brilliant because Dave is such an incredibleguitar player and Mark’s voice is amazing.

DC: You guys have a lot of very dedicated fans, obviously [twohours before the doors opened] there’s already kids lined upin the rain. What do you do to give back and make sure they knowthey are appreciated?

MR: I think a lot of it has to do with playing the show on a daywhen we’re tired or bummed out, to still give them our best.I think also after the show we make sure we talk to fans if theystick around, we don’t go hide in the bus, we’re notthose type of guys, not too cool for school, we’re veryliberal about stuff like that. I don’t know what else wecould do, try to give them massages?

DC: This has been a very good year for you guys. You’veseen a lot of success especially with the new album. Have yougotten to sit back and appreciate it yet?

MR: No, not at all. Every minute from when I joined the banduntil right now has been so packed. Between touring and recordingand all that other stuff, like tomorrow we have to go to L.A. toshoot a 12 hour video, then fly back to Nashville for an in-store,then a show, then we go to Jacksonville, it never stops. I’mnot complaining, it’s better than being bored. Hopefullyafter this tour I’m gonna have to find a place to live, I putall my stuff in storage before we left [in September], sothat’ll be good.

DC: Finally, what can we expect from you guys tonight?

MR: Expect to have your face melted off by high voltage rock anda pretty even mix of new and old songs.

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