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Student shot outside Chuacer’s

By Clark Castle and

Jennifer BeauchampEditor in Chief and

Contributing Writer

[email protected]


A student and a non-affiliated man were shot at approximately 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning outside of Chaucer’s Steak House and Bar.

According to Dallas Police Department reports, Charles “Chad” Lowrey, an SMU student, and Charles Ku were shot by John Payton Camp.

Lowrey suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach and was transported to Baylor University Medical Center. On the police report his status after the injury is listed as “good.”

Ku was shot in the left hand according to the police report. He was also transported to Baylor University Medical Center.

In the report filed on Lowrey’s behalf, the report details that both Lowrey and Ku were “shot with a .45 caliber bullet fired from an automatic pistol” by an “unknown suspect.” Ku’s report corroborates Lowrey’s account.

Police searched the area for a suspect, but were unable to locate one. Later, however, a witness came forward and informed the police that “the suspect had openly admitted having committed the shooting and was located at 7915 Walnut Hill inside a townhome and that he had the weapon with him,” according to Ku’s police report.

With the witness’ tip, police arrested Camp at 6:14 a.m. at his residence. Camp was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamines. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of methamphetamines are both class two felonies. Possession of a dangerous drug and possession of marijuana are class ‘A’ misdemeanors.

According to the arrest report, alt the time of Camp’s arrest he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Blake Rudman, the general manager of Chaucer’s, did not witness the shooting, but responded to the incident after hearing of it. He said he arrived at around 2:30.

Rudman said his staff treated Ku’s wound to his hand by wrapping “his hand up with towels” while waiting for the ambulance.

As for Lowrey’s injury, Rudman said, “It seemed awkward because he didn’t know he was shot in the stomach.”

“[We’ve] been sick to our stomachs and melancholy about the situation for the kid,” Rudman said. “That’s why we’ve decided to stop late night business immediately, until people can be more mature.”

Lowrey said he is “incredibly lucky” to have not been seriously injured and that he feels well. The gunshot did not hit any of Lowrey’s internal organs.

“The doctors said that if someone was to be shot in the stomach, I was as lucky as they come,” he said.

He also said he wanted to leave the hospital on Wednesday, but doctors would not release him due to his fever.

Lowrey said after leaving the hospital he plans to return to his home in Houston and recover until Tuesday. He plans to resume classes on Tuesday.


Jessica Savage contributed to this story.


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