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Daron Clark in a flash

There is one person at Southern Methodist University who never misses a party. This individual began his social brigade in 1987 and, to this day, maintains a flawless attendance record at collegiate social events across Texas.

Friday night kicks off his typical, jam-packed weekend. Saturday is dedicated to the Mustang football game, which he attends following the traditional SMU tailgate party on Bishop Boulevard.

One could argue that his signature cherry-red, polo T-shirt makes him the most recognizable young man on SMU’s campus. Every fraternity and sorority adores him. But he’s not your typical socialite; he is invited to attend professional, corporate and business affairs. This SMU celebrity brings a smile to every face he comes across.

You may find it astonishing that a vast majority of SMU’s students and administrators don’t have a clue about what his name is; they only know his alias. Students refer to him as, “Flash,” but to his family and friends, his name is Daron Clark.

Clark discovered his passion for photography at Bryan Adams High School in Dallas. As the yearbook photographer, Clark honed his natural talent. Nowadays, Clark treasures his career; this August celebrates his twenty-second year at Flash Photography.

Flash Photography is a professional photo-marketing company, which collaborates the convenience of the Internet while reviving the ability to scrapbook memories with old-fashioned photographs.

Clark, commonly known as “Flash,” says his fondest memories at Flash Photography are not about a picture, but the people he met while taking the picture.

“The people you encounter are the most gratifying part of my job,” said Clark. “Everyone is friendly and genuinely happy that you are at their event.”

Flash Photography, founded in 1979 by the Strong family, pioneers a multi-media service. The photo-marketing company operates regularly on more than 250 college campuses across Texas, with a particular focus on the social engagements of Greek organizations. “It is rewarding to know that you are shooting for an industry leader,” said Clark.

Flash Photography attends public and private events after contact with event coordinator or host. Courtney Guthridge, social chair for Kappa Alpha Theta, says communication with “Flash” occurs at least twice a month.

“My position on campus has demanding responsibilities that can be extremely overwhelming. But, not once have I ever worried about ‘Flash!'” she said. “Without failure, he arrives to the events on time and prepared to work.”

The trained Flash photographers snap picture after picture until the event comes to an end. Photographers attend free of charge. So how do Clark and other Flash associates make money?

Flash Photography shares the professional photographs online at Within 24 hours of the event clients with password-access can view and purchase photographs on-line or over the telephone. One photograph costs anywhere from $2.68 to $19.95.

Flash requires each event or organization to create a unique password to view photos on the Internet.

In rare circumstances there have been requests for photograph removal from the Web site. Caitlin O’Leary, vice president of public relations at Kappa Alpha Theta, scans the Flash Web site on a weekly basis to regulate the public image of Panhellenic women. “Flash has always been cooperative and understanding if I ask them to remove an image,” she said.

The password system utilizes the greatest amount of protection, although, the instantaneous access offered by the Internet fails to coexist with control of photograph privacy.

Many SMU students appreciate Clark, or “Flash,” for his dedication to creating a collage of college memories. For 22 years “Flash” has never missed an SMU party or event — his SMU report card: A+ across the board.

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