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Teams continue paths to BCS

The Red Zone
 Teams continue paths to BCS
Teams continue paths to BCS

Teams continue paths to BCS

Big Games

No. 8 Georgia at No. 3 Auburn, 2:30 p.m.

There are big games; and then there is Georgia at Auburn.

The Tigers are in the precarious position of having theirundefeated season and BCS hopes severely tested three more times asthey play Georgia, Alabama and most likely Tennessee (if Tennesseedoesn’t lose again).

This closes out a regular season that has already included winsagainst Tennnessee and LSU. Even with all that, there is apossibility that, despite playing in the deepest conference inAmerica and running the table without a loss, the Tigers will beleft out of a BCS championship game because they are behind bothUSC and Oklahoma in the two human polls.

This game really hinges on which Georgia team shows up.

If it is the team that played against LSU and in the first halfof the Florida game then we could see the best game of theyear.

If the talented but underachieving Bulldogs, who havesleep-walked through every other game this season, show up, thenAuburn will wax the Bulldogs. No team in the nation has shown upmore consistently from week to week than the Tigers behind Heismancandidate Jason Campbell, who has been at Auburn so long I swear heused to hand off to Bo Jackson.

Now he hands to the dynamic duo of Cadillac Williams and RonnieBrown, two future first-round draft picks who have been used in avariety of sets together this season.

The offensive studs overshadow an extremely solid defense led bysafety Will Herring, who has three interceptions to go along with44 tackles. He is the anchor of a unit that ranks ninth nationallyagainst the pass and sixth nationally overall. Along with Herring,All-SEC performer Carlos Rodgers will be huge this weekend as hewill be asked to cover one of Georgia’s top flight receivers,Fred Gipson and Reggie Brown, man to man.

The secondary has been aided by the emergence of a pass rush,something that has been noticeably missing at Auburn over the lastfew years.

The line is led by freshman Quentin Groves (with 7.5 sacks) andsophomore Stanley McClover, who has 6.5 sacks on the year. Theyoung guns have led an Auburn defense that had 32 sacks in ninegames, compared to last year’s total of 34 in 13 games. Thepass rush will be key dealing with the calm, cool and collectedDavid Greene, who became the NCAA’s victory leader as astarting quarterback with his fortieth win against Kentucky onSaturday.

Greene has discovered a new weapon in Leonard Pope, who has 14catches for 263 yards and five touchdown catches in the last fourgames.

The 6-foot-7, 253-pound tight end has taken advantage ofdefenses focusing on the outstanding senior receivers Gipson andBrown, which leaves the middle of the field wide open for thelumbering Pope.

What amazes the mind is that this Georgia team is soinconsistent despite being senior laden. A freshman, Danny Ware,leads the rushing attack, but besides that, the Buldogs haveexperience in every other facet of the game.

Coach Richt’s teams are always better on the road, whichworries the Tigers. As much as I want to pick the Bulldogs, thereis a very business-like quality about Auburn. The Tigers win atight one and continue their march towards BCS chaos.

The Pick: Auburn 23-17


No. 18 Miami at No. 10 Virginia, 2:30 p.m.

Its time for the Cavaliers to put up or shut up. The team hasbeen told they are young and talented, but it’s their time toshine.

Earlier in the season they were hammered by an inconsistentFlorida State team in their only real test so far. Against lesserteams, quarterback Marquis Hagans looks like the second coming ofcurrent Saint Aaron Brooks. Against the ‘Noles he looked likehe couldn’t start for my high school.

The key for Hagans to get in a comfort zone is for the Cavaliersto not fall behind early so they can rely on their talented twosomeat tailback (alliteration is awesome), Wali Lundy and AlvinPearman.

The duo averages nearly 170 yards a game on the ground and hasfound the end zone a total of 20 times.

Virginia faces a Miami defense that has been ripped to shreds inthe last four games.

It was fine giving up 400 plus yards when the Hurricanes werewinning shootouts against Louisville and North Carolina State, butthe defense has cost the ‘Canes two losses against unrankedNorth Carolina and Clemson.

The key for all four opponents has been to attack the Hurricaneson the ground and then just throw every time to the side AntrelRolle isn’t playing.

The rest of the ‘Cane secondary couldn’t guard me,and opponents have exploited it by flooding the side opposite Rollewith 3 or 4 receivers.

On offense, Miami still refuses to keep Brock Berlin in theshotgun permanently, saying that getting a consistent running gamein that set is impossible. I hate to point it out, but Miamicouldn’t get a consistent running game (even if they ran theoption) with the state their offensive line is in.

Berlin is infinitely-times more comfortable in the shotgun (heplayed in it exclusively at Evangel in Shreveport) so why not takeadvantage of his skills?

The worst thing the Cavaliers could do in this game is jump outto a big early lead because it forces the ‘Canes to play theshotgun.

Ask Louisville about how getting a 17-point lead worked out forthem, but both North Carolina and Clemson were either tied orplayed from behind much of the game against the ‘Canes.

This stops the ‘Canes from correctly opening up theoffense and utilizing their playmakers like Roscoe Parrish andDarnell Jenkins.

Everything says pick Virginia. Miami has holes on the offensiveline and secondary and Virginia has a BCS-bid riding on this game.The problem is that I don’t think Miami has lost threestraight games in my entire life.

There are too many athletes on this team and tons of formerHurricane’s are calling these players making sure that theyremember who they represent when they play for “TheU.”

Most of the former players are just calling to say how greatthey are, but there is some motivation somewhere in those MikeIrvin and Ray Lewis boasts (Speaking of which, I really miss LutherCampbell roaming the sidelines in Army Fatigues).

The Pick: Miami 34-20


Upset Special

No. 4 Wisconsin at Michigan State, 2:30 p.m.

A quarterback that’s 1-7 as a starter, a defense thatseems to give up big plays like ATM’s hand out money, abanged up leading rusher and an undefeated opponent.

Did I mention that the Spartans were also 4-5?

This game could be an absolute blowout, I mean the Badgers couldabsolutely roll behind Anthony Davis, but for some reason I likethe Spartans. Its one of those games when every sign in the worldpoints to picking one team I start to get scared. I call it theOhio State-Miami syndrome.

In the national title game a couple of years back the‘Canes were something like 14-point favorites and everyonewas saying that the Buckeyes had no chance and I inexplicablystarted telling everyone I knew that Buckeyes would win.

It’s called going with your gut, and my gut says thatClint Dowdell gets one big win before graduating in a career thathas featured more arrests and benchings then wins.

Michigan St. is missing its heart and soul in sophomore DrewStanton, but John L. Smith pulls out all the tricks to make the BCSpicture a little clearer.

The Pick: Michigan St. 28-24


Season Record: 26-18, 2-0 last weekend after sterlingcomebacks by OU and Texas.

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