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Dallas homeless recovery center, The Bridge, is a home
Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

One day late in confessing my love

Recently I logged on to my Facebook account to find that I had a friend request waiting for me. I didn’t really think much of it, seeing as different people usually add me every day. I’m that popular.

I didn’t accept it right off the bat, as I had to check my wall first and see who commented on my profile picture. I also had a very unusual Honesty Box message: “JP [you’re] so hot! Be my [girlfriend]!” Oh to know who wanted to date me!

Finally I got back to my home page where I noticed that I had been invited to join a group, “Stop the new Facebook!” Everyone seemed to be so angry about a social networking website that was changing its layout. I decided to comment on the group’s page.

Me: I don’t really understand the big deal here. Change is usually for the better. All they are doing is catering to the overwhelming number of people who are joining this site. Please, let them manage it and leave them alone.

Tony: Man [you] be actin[g]’ stupid! Shut up, lol.

After noticing society was being dragged underwater at an alarming rate, I decided to see who exactly added me on Facebook.

It turned out to be a girl who I had a gigantic crush on in the tenth grade. It was a very odd relationship by society’s standards. It was already into the “friend zone.” We were best friends and told each other everything.

Emotions inside of me began to build up and I soon realized that I had very strong feelings for my best friend, which created a problem. It also created a dilemma: tell her how much she means to me and pray that we fall in love, or never mention it again.

So sitting in geometry class I pondered what I should do. “Missy” sat in front of me and we would often talk about how stupid and boring the class was. “This class is so stupid and boring,” we would say to each other, followed by a giggle from her.

In my head, I knew how it would happen. “Missy, I’m in love with you!” and she would say, “JP I’m in love with you, too!” Then we’d kiss and everything would be right as rain.

I decided to go for it and just tell her everything I wanted to tell her. It had been building up for quite a while now, and I thought telling her my love for her in the middle of my geometry class would be the perfect opportunity. Count to ten and just do it!

“Hey Missy,” I whispered so no one could hear. (Although I kind of wanted everyone to hear.) But not now, I had to tell her first.

“Yes, JP?” she said as she turned around and stared at me. I never really knew how beautiful she was until she looked at me with those blue eyes and brown hair. She was so gorgeous it was almost numbing to look at her.

Me: Can I ask you something? Like, for serious?

Missy: Of course, JP!

Me: Missy, I…

I started when she abruptly cut me off.

Missy: OMG I forgot to tell you JP! David asked me out!

Me: Oh…he did? That’s so awesome.

Missy: I know! I’m so excited! Okay, what did you need to ask me?

Me: Oh…um…do you have a pencil?

I said, stunned and alone left using my improv skills to make something up.

Missy: No, I don’t! Sorry!

She turned around.

Just like that, it was over with no chance. I almost broke down right there in the middle of class. I quickly composed myself and looked up at the projector where my teacher was bumbling over the Pythagorean Theorem. I put my iPod on and listened to the Bloodhound Gang when the girl next to me asked me a question.

New Girl: “You like Bloodhound Gang?”

Me: “Yeah. They’re alright, I guess.”

I did a double take and kind of stared.

She was really cute.

John Paul Green is a freshman theater major. He can be reached for comment at [email protected].

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