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Forget fast food drive-thrus: Dallas brings back the burger

CASEY LEE/The Daily Campus

CASEY LEE/The Daily Campus

The cheeseburger has long been a classic American meal. Burgers have been known to be quite the delicacy, but the fast food industry has cast a terrible stigma on cheeseburgers and the traditional burger joint.

The combination of low quality ingredients and lack of freshness is a commonplace amongst all fast food locations, and it has destroyed the burger. The burger joint used to be about getting a hot, juicy burger, fries and a thick milkshake, but these places are becoming rare.

I consider myself quite the avid burger connoisseur, perhaps because I eat them regularly, and I happen to be lucky enough to have several alternatives to fast food right around SMU.

Burger House was originally founded in 1951 and has continued to cook its burgers the same way ever since. It has remained a traditional burger joint, with flat griddle-grilled burgers and amazing fries.

The fries are coated with an award-winning seasoning, but if you are not a fan of salt, beware. This seasoning comes on the burgers and fries, salty and somewhat overwhelming.

The shakes are also made in a traditional fashion, handspun with real ice cream.

The best part about Burger House is the price and location. It is within walking distance of campus, on Hillcrest, and you will only spend a few more dollars at Burger House than you would at a drive through for a much better meal.

Burger Street is a little bit more of a trek from campus, but the frozen lemonade and nice juicy burgers are definitely worth the trip.

Burger Street is more of a fast food spot with their drive-thru, but I would rather drive through there than any Burger King.

The burgers taste fresher than other fast food restaurant, perhaps because they are prepared fresh on a grill. You get a nice messy burger with a side of curly fries, which is hard to pass up.

The soft frozen lemonades are amazing and are a great substitute for the traditional shake.

Don’t worry though, because if you’re not up for a refreshing cherry limeade or a soft frozen lemonade, they still serve great shakes.

If you’re driving up Mockingbird and are planning on grabbing a quick bite, don’t stop at Burger King, just drive through Burger Street.

By far, the ultimate burger is from Who’s Who Burgers in Highland Park Village. These burgers are the ultimate delicacy and are a treat for any burger lover.

Made from the highest quality Kobe beef, these are the freshest and highest quality burgers around.

The service is all about burgers and they make sure your burger is perfect. You pick and choose from incredible ingredients to form the ultimate burger.

Kobe beef aside, Who’s Who Burgers also offers a turkey cranberry cheese burger and a veggie burger, which is delicious topped with grilled portabello mushrooms.

The fries are hot and crispy and are a perfect complement to the mouth-watering burgers.

Shakes are hand spun with real ice cream and top off a perfect meal.

Even if you don’t think you like burgers, you must go to Who’s Who to try it out, and I guarantee you will definitely go back again. However, the exceptional Kobe beef comes at a price, so be prepared to pay. Fortunately, the burgers at Who’s Who Burgers are worth every penny.

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