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Where are the best places to study at SMU?

Everyone knows that Fondren Library is SMU’s largest and most notable library on campus, but where is it that students actually go to study when they need to ditch the dorm room?

After questioning students about their go-to hot spots, I have discovered some of SMU’s most popular and underrated areas to study.


Most Popular

1.     Fondren Library: Of course it is most notable for a reason! With desks for group study, cubbies for some alone time, and computers in almost every corner, you are bound to find what you are looking for. If you are up for the heat one day, check out the outdoor desks to the left of the entrance.

2.     Hughes-Trigg: It is a perfect place for group study because there are plenty of places that won’t mind the noise and can fit crowds of students.

3.     Bridwell Library: Known as a hidden treasure to its locals, Bridwell provides an intimate, quiet atmosphere perfect for those buckle-down days. Just don’t expect to run into too many people under thirty.

4.     A-LEC: In case you haven’t heard, it’s not just for athletes! If you are looking for some help on that math assignment or need someone to proofread that 12-page term paper, this is the place to come. There are soundproof rooms if you need some quiet space and multiple tutors just waiting to come to your rescue.

5.     Meadows: Even if you’re not an arts enthusiast, Meadows is always welcoming to students looking for a place to study. Inside there is a lounge, including an infamous Starbucks, a library and multiple soundproof practice rooms to rehearse in if your roommate just can’t stand your midnight tuba session anymore. If you love study spaces with lots of light and quiet, you must try Meadows.


Most Underrated

1.     Cox Basement: Let’s just say they have a garden and an Einstein’s Bros. Bagels.

2.     Boulevard: When the heat wears off and it starts feeling like fall again, the lawn will be the perfect place to read a book or study for that midterm exam.

3.     Underwood Law Library: If you’ve heard of it, you know what I mean.

4.     The Hillcrest Foundation Amphitheater: Your class has a chemistry review session, and it’s beautiful outside. Where should you convince your teacher to go? Here.

5.     Tower Center: If you like knowing what is happening in the world and need to find time to study as well, this is the place for you.

Alex Stambaugh is a freshman political science and economics major. She can be reached for comments or questions at [email protected].

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