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RATM, Daft Punk and others perform in Vegoose 2007

For the revolution-inducing political die-hards who call themselves Rage Against the Machine fans and avid concert goers alike, the advent of the annual Vegoose 2007 in Las Vegas could not have been a more invigorating and enriching experience.

Vegoose, currently in its third year, is an annual Halloween music festival that attracts not only those drawn by the colossal display of musicianship, but also those moved by the holiday and festival spirit that is inevitable with such a venue.

Vegoose remains true to its musical festival roots, surrounded by a 30-acre grassy Star Nursery Field which encompasses the venue with a truly inspiring aesthetic nature.

The festival, which took place Saturday and Sunday, was held in the famous Sam Boyd Stadium with a lineup that exceeded 30 different musical artists.

The array of musicians included Daft Punk, Iggy & the Stooges, Moe, Muse, Umphrey’s McGee, The Shins, Cypress Hill and far too many others to name. But the one group that seemed to distance themselves from the rest of the pack was Rage Against the Machine.

Since the break-up of Rage Against the Machine (RATM) in October 2000, fans have pleaded for redemption from both successful and unfortunately diluted musical aspirations.

Audioslave, the musical super-group headed by Zack de la Rocha replacement Chris Cornell, proved to be a big hit in late 2005 with the release of “Out of Exile,” which reached the No. 1 spot on musical charts.

While Audioslave and other projects have proven to be temporarily therapeutic, nothing has filled the looming hole of disappointment that has arisen from RATM’s absence. Fortunately for myself and other RATM fans, the band recently began touring and appearing in festivals and concerts around the U.S.

This appearance of the band and the wide diversity of musical genres and artists is what made Vegoose 2007 such a special occasion.

There are numerous musical festivals similar to Vegoose, but none give quite the range of experiences that Vegoose allows for.

We must also not forget that the festival occurs during Halloween weekend, making it fun for everyone involved because most people dress in costume for the occasion.

As a music festival appreciator, I can attest that Vegoose is truly something to remember.

Imagine what it would be like to immerse yourself in the spirit and culture of not just your own favorite artist’s fans, but the fans of other people who have so much to teach about the music they love.

The atmosphere at such festivals is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and if you have never experienced one, I suggest you do. Vegoose and other music festivals like it have something to give to everyone. You just have to experience it to understand.

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