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Looking back, into the future

In response to the “Time is Money” column on August 12, 2005:


Regardless of what level of education any of us are on in the current moment, the pursuit of our individual dreams should always be the focus.

No one ever promised our journeys, whatever they may be, would be easy. As obstacles and “speed bumps” arrive on our path, is when the true test of character and dedication to our selves and our dreams is brought forth.

Times like these beg the question, “How badly do you want it?”

Many of us regardless of age or social standing share a commonality of struggles with each other; some more than others.

Some have lives outside of studies with additional responsibilities the more traditional students do not carry, as single parents with jobs. Yet, they persevere and push on toward whatever goal they set for themselves while at times envying what they “perceive” to be an easier life others live.

Those who are truly dedicated, no matter their economic standing, continue the pursuit of dreams and individual callings in spite of fears and trepidations, real or imaginary, faced each day.

Choices and decisions made today carry rewards or consequences further into the future than most of us care to realize, whatever the choice or decision may be for whatever reason.

Hence, the importance of carefully weighing all choices and options along with those opportunities placed before us. I commend your ability to look at every possible angle regarding your choice of pursuing your doctorate. However, I encourage you to not overlook nor forget why you chose to pursue your graduate studies in the first place.

Do not forget your “dream” or the opportunity, rarely given to so few of us, lying before you so close at hand.

I, too, left home at the age of 17 with a one-year old child in tow, after graduating high school a year early many moons ago.

Life has not been easy for many of us, not just you. It is so easy to be swept up in today’s materialistic, capitalistic, and immediate gratification society, especially on a beautiful campus such as SMU.

However, the pursuit of a higher education is a privilege and opportunity so few are able to realize. I hope you are aware you may have started to lose your focus on your personal goals and dreams.

We each walk an individual journey in this life with others crossing our paths, leaving indelible fingerprints of love or painful scars on our hearts.

Are any of us courageous enough to share the inner truth we each ultimately seek alone is that of our unique purpose in this life, not our “monetary value?”

Albert Einstein once said, “Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your work later belongs.”

Ultimately, the sacrifices we make today in the quest of making dreams a reality, will benefit not only ourselves but those around us. We are all intricately connected psychologically, economically, and politically. The power lies in this: we may never know the impact our choices we make today may have on others at any given moment.

Remember that which we see in the present moment is fleeting. The future lies wide before us with its infinite rewards, possibilities and opportunities. We will never know or realize the depth of its power and gift unless we face our fears of uncertainty and just try.


Dawn Lassiter is a junior psychology and anthropology double major. She may be contacted at [email protected].

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