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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
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Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Two resolutions introduced to Senate

Student Senate heard two new resolutions at their meeting on Tuesday.

Sen. Alexander Linn authored the first resolution, which seeks to have Dedman College accept credit for the London School of Economics summer program.

Sen. John Benage authored the second resolution, which seeks to make tailgating on the Boulevard more eco-friendly.

Credit where credit is due

Sen Alexander Linn attended the summer program at LSE, where he says four other students also attended. However, not all SMU students who attend the program can get SMU credit for the courses they took.

The Cox School of Business Finance department offers credit for the program, which requires three hours of lecture, one hour of class, four more hours outside of class, one three-hour midterm and one three-hour final exam. Dedman College’s Economics department does not.

Linn states in his resolution “the summer classes offered in this program are identical in structure and material covered to those offered in the regular school year.”

However, Linn said, the college is unable to grant credit because of several different reasons, most notably because LSE does not offer its own students credit for the program even though the courses are pre-requirements for other classes at the University.

LSE is prevented from giving credit by a national law that prohibits giving credit for summer courses. Because LSE is unable to give credit, Dedman College cannot grant credit.

Linn notes in his resolution that many schools, including Princeton, Duke, Vanderbilt and Berkley, all grant credit to students attending the program.

Linn urges the University in his resolution to “take the necessary steps to encourage Dedman College to either revise or make exceptions to their policies so that SMU students can take advantage of the opportunity that the LSE summer program offers.”

A greener Boulevard

The tradition of tailgating on the Boulevard could be improved, according to Sen. John Benage.

In his resolution, Benage notes that “many, if not most, of the beverages consumed on the Boulevard are consumed, or originate, out of recyclable materials.” However, he points out that there are no recyclable bins set out for tailgaters.

Benage said the cost of implementing recyclable bins and getting it picked up would be minimal.

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