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SMU students gather around a bucket of markers to write an encouraging note to put in “Welcome to the Shelter” kits at event in mid-April on SMU’s campus.
Dallas homeless recovery center, The Bridge, is a home
Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

Make some noise

Ten reasons to go to the football game anyway

Despite the fact that the football team is in the middle of a four game losing streak and has seemingly thrown away any chance of a bowl game, there are still plenty of other reasons to attend the football game this Saturday – while still supporting the boys down on the field.

1. The first reason, and probably the reason fans come to every other football game, is the Boulevard. Mustangs can charge up their school spirit with some nice ice-cold, non-alcoholic energy drinks out on Bishop Boulevard.

Just be sure to make it to the actual game.

Sitting out on the Boulevard while the stadium rumbles a few hundred yards away is like standing outside of the gymnasium while all the other kids at school are inside getting their freak on at the high school dance. Students should go to the game and cheer so loud that they lose their voices. God knows the team needs it and, with luck, students can get out of that Spanish oral exam on Monday.

2. The eye-candy on the Boulevard. Enough said.

3. For the musically inclined fan, there is not a better reason to go to the game than to see the Mustang Band’s new show. This week you can enjoy the sounds of classic rock band Chicago, Mustang Band style. Watch those candy-striped musicians move into the diamond M formation and keep an eye on drummer Richard Leon (page 1).

And with any luck the baton twirler has a new move hiding under that leotard. Just don’t cheer louder during halftime than the actual game.

4. It’s Peruna’s birthday on Saturday. Peruna killed another live mascot, so he’s pretty badass and it would be sad not to be at his birthday party.

5. A perk, but not an entire reason to attend the game, is that 30 seconds of bliss where the Jumbotron has all eyes in the stadium on its glowing screen. A chance to guess what helmet the pony is hiding under is reason enough to get anyone on this side of the Mississippi to come to Ford Stadium on Saturday, and a good way to get some money out of your friends when you go out later.

6. At the very least, students should come to the game to sit in the student section and makes some friends or find someone to get to know after the game.

7. Use the SMU chants and cheers you learned at AARO and bang the noisemaker sticks together. If all of that sounds boring, try these helpful hints to spice it up:

8. Use those noisemakers to annoy the rest of the crowd, banging them together in people’s ears, seeing how long it takes them to turn around.

9. Try really belting out “Varsity” like an opera singer or as a serenade to the cutie two seats down.

10. Go to the game to enjoy the lovely weather. Even though the last few games found everyone cooking in Ford Stadium, this weekend promises to be beautiful. Who knows, maybe it will inspire the team as well.

Whether it’s the band, the boulevard or Peruna, go to the SMU football game Saturday and cheer on the Mustangs.

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