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Senate proposes two new resolutions

A resolution expressing the support of SMU’s Students Association to the educational communities affected by Hurricane Katrina was unanimously passed in yesterday’s Senate meeting.

Last week, senators proposed a resolution expressing the Students Association’s condolences to Tulane University. This resolution was deemed old business yesterday with the proposal of the new resolution, which addresses all schools affected by the hurricane.

Two hundred and seven students from six schools affected by the hurricane are currently enrolled at SMU as visiting students. The new bill, which recognizes all these students, offers support and resolves to provide aid.

Dedman II Senator Benjamin Hatch, who was co-author of the first bill, said that he would “like to pass the bill unanimously.”

“I would like it to create substantive debate for what we can do for the students ravaged by Hurricane Katrina,” Hatch said.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill after a short debate of the wording and the adoption of two friendly amendments.

Additionally, the senators shared some ideas about how they could assist and welcome the new students. Ideas included an ice cream social and assistance for buying textbooks.

Typically, such a brainstorming of ideas would happen in a committee. While there was some contention among senators as to the appropriateness of using legislation as a forum for brainstorming, they ultimately agreed that considering the circumstances, all senators needed to be involved.

“Maybe an inadequacy of the Senate is that senators can’t come together and have this kind of forum,” Hatch said. “Which is why we’re using this legislation as a springboard.”

President Liz Healy agreed.

“I do think this is a great place for people to add input to this bill,” Healy said.

Also proposed in the meeting was a bill to fund Spanish for Ministry classes for the Perkins and greater SMU community. This bill would provide funding for Los Seminaristas, a student organization of Perkins focused on the Hispanic community, to offer specialized Spanish classes to theology students.

“Recently in Texas, Hispanics have became the majorty,” Theology Senator David Mingus said. “So we’re trying to equip people working in the ministry to deal with these Hispanic people, many of whom only speak Spanish.” This resolution will be further considered in next week’s meeting.

— Read the Hurricane Katrina resolution on Page 8.

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