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Pikes Peak and Colorado chic

Dress is a way to express a lifestyle, a way of being.

Part of the allure of picking up a fashion magazine is glimpsing at a lifestyle that is innovative and different from all others.

Sitting in a coffee shop or airport is the same. The amusement of watching people who pass by is they represent different worlds.

Every one of us expresses our belief in something. What are you saying about yourself to the world?

I come from a long line of equestrians, and as a group we represent the best parts of a horsy lifestyle. It is not as if I carry a riding crop in my purse and wear breeches, but I like a bit of equine influence. In the winter, I tuck my skinny jeans into knee-high, flat-soled leather riding-style boots.

I wear my long hair in a braid a lot and prefer untucked polo shirts, even on men. From playing and watching polo, I have picked up an affinity for snug white pants paired with a loose-fitting darker top.

Worn-in leather goods, such as a well-made messenger bag, look great on anybody.

The high-quality look sans an overly polished edge works for me. It is approachable, athletic, outdoorsy, but in no way disheveled. It is what I want to emulate.

Along with diverse lifestyles, we all dress in a way that shows where we have been and where we are going. What we choose to adorn ourselves with is often a reflection of our hometowns or the values we grew up with. For me, that is Colorado. I grew up there and it is very much a part of who I am.

I have always loved hippies and their unique style. Slide on the bangles, the big skirt and the Birkenstocks, and you will find a friend in me. It might be a bit of a generalization, but to me a small amount of the hippie look says something about your character.

It says you are carefree, willing to meet new people, take impromptu adventures and are constantly questioning the world around you. I don’t wander around in a haze of tie-dye, but I am drawn to more a laid-back style.

Short shorts paired with a billowy top are a more unassuming way to do the hippie-chic thing. Skinny jeans with a peasant top, even if it’s belted, is the look of a tamed hippy. That is a little taste of Colorado I can have, no matter where I am.

Being aware of what kind of person you are and what things inspire you can help you come to the realization that you do have a personal style. It might sound contrived, but even if you are unaware of it, there is something you believe in which guides your decisions and gets you through each and every day.

Clothing does not have to be “fluffy,” but rather it can be a serious or lighthearted statement of your character. Picking out your outfit is much more than just throwing on something to cover yourself.

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