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Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

A sitdown with the cast of Warm Bodies

 Four more years?
Four more years?

Hoult and Palmer look at photos together during a scene from Director Jonathan Levine’s “Warm Bodies.” (Courtesy of AP)

The Daily Campus recently caught up with Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, the stars of the new movie, “Warm Bodies.”

Any fans of the UK show “Skins” or the 2002 film, “About A Boy” will be familiar with boyishly cute Hoult and viewers of the 2011 blockbuster, “Take Me Home Tonight” will recognize the stunning Teresa Palmer. We asked them a few questions about what is was like being part of a zombie romance film.

What about the script made you say, “I had to do this”?

Teresa Palmer: It was such a breath of fresh air. It was original, and unique, and daring. I love that it’s a mash-up of all of these genres, it’s comedic, its romantic film, it’s an action film
and of course it’s the zombie genre, which is fantastic.

How did the make-up work in the film?

Nick Hoult: The make-up only took an hour and a half. Adrian Morot did it. He’s very talented and he’s won an Academy Award. I wore contact lenses and it really helped to create that character. It was easy to get lost in the world they were creating for us?

Nick, your character rarely speaks, how challenging was that?

NH: It was a new challenge. Luckily, there is some great voice over which gives you an insight into my character’s thoughts and kind of witty self deprecating outlook on the situation he has found himself in. I think a lot of guys can relate to that in a room with the girl they like.

The tone of the book is different than the movie. Have you read it?

NH: I read the script first and loved it and cared about the character a lot and thought this could be a really different and interesting film.

Once I met Jonathan and got cast in the film I read the book. Isaac’s captured the feelings that R goes through. Jonathan captured the characters and the key story beats carefully. Because the script was so strong, it made our jobs a lot easier.

TP: It was really well adapted. It’s very liberating as an actor to put your trust in the director and the script.

Teresa, what attracted your character Julie to R (Nick)?

TP: His sensibility, his dashing somewhat pale looks, his way, his beautiful way about him, his light spirit. The way he is so sensitive and just wants to look after her and care for her. He wears his heart on her sleeve and she knows he’s a good guy and he’s trying so hard. He is trying to make the best of the situation and she’s been thrust into this horrible dark world where her mother has been killed and her boyfriend is now missing and she is this bright light amongst this dismal community.

Nick, what attracts you to being a science-fiction character? You have once played a beast.

NH: I enjoy, as an actor, to completely try and transform and morph and not sound likes myself, not look like myself, or move like myself because then I find it’s not as difficult to watch in the premier. I like bringing a human quality and soul to those sorts of characters. I guess I like wearing a lot of make-up at work- key at work, not outside but its fun and the characters I’ve related to.

Is there one scene that was the most fun to film?

TP: I think we both think that sequence where my friends and I have gone out to get the medical supplies. And it’s the first time the zombies kind of stampeded in.

It’s the first time that [Nick’s character] lays eyes on my character and it’s obviously a pivotal moment in the film.

NH: And any scene with Rob Corddry. He’s a crack up.

Make sure to see “Warm Bodies”, which is out in theatres beginning Feb. 1st

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